Fishing Village at Island Cove Hotel & Leisure Park: A Native & Refreshing Way of Dining

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Love traditional food while admiring scenery around you all at the same time? Then you will surely enjoy dining at the Fishing Village located inside Island Cove Hotel 
&  Leisure Park.

Diners gets the chance to eat at the huts overlooking Manila Bay. Everyone is encouraged to fish at the fishponds surrounding the area and have it cooked the way they want it, this way they can eat it fresh with other delectable dish served at the Fishing Village.

Island Cove Hotel &  Leisure Park which is best known for its its huge pools,  play sports in its open spaces,  spend an afternoon by the bay, sing in its KTV rooms, party with friends in its bars and hold banquets in its multi-purpose halls, and for a whole lot of other reasons especially dining at the Fishing Village.

Now, let's check out the menu. I feel really grateful that I was able to dine at the Fishing Village because this is one of the famous and unique spot where you can dine near Metro Manila. You may also choose from an assortment of seafood and meat at the restaurant’s Ihaw-Ihaw station and let their chefs grill your meal on the spot. Refreshing fruit shakes and juice are also available. 

For starters, they served this really cute assortment of appetizers which is called "Sungka-Sungkaan". It consists of different famous Filipino street foods like tukneneng, manggang hilaw with bagoong, itlog na pula, shingaling, nuts, kropek, dilis and kilawin among others.

The presentation is really cool because I remember playing sungka when I was a kid. Not many kids know anything about sungka anymore.

Since we also ate at Sangley Point that day (I will also do a review about our food trip there) we ate Merienda at Fishing Village. Here's what we ate.
Pancit Bihon
Pancit Palabok

Arroz Caldo

 Turon ala Mode
 Kamote Caramel
Halo Halo

 Buko Juice
 Sago Gulaman
Mais Con Yelo

All in all, I really enjoyed the food at the Fishing Village. It was indeed a happy tummy moment. I was even excited when they were serving the food because all of it were my top Filipino favorite merienda dishes and luckily, all of it were really delicious. 

The desserts were really refreshing, the turon, kamote and maruya reminded me of my late grandmother who used to cook it for me for merienda. For the heat of the summer, Halo Halo together with Mais Con Yelo and Sago Gulaman are perfect to quench that summer feeling. 

My dining experience at Fishing Village inside Island Cove Hotel &  Leisure is truly memorable. The experience of eating at Nipa Huts over still water with fresh air is so native and amazing which you can rarely experience nowadays especially if you're living in the city.
This is what we usually need especially if we've been busy the whole week, a quick escape to enjoy nature and good food.
With Ms. Nana Nadal and blogger friends Vance and Tin Quines.
Thank you so much Island Cove Hotel &  Leisure Park for accommodating us Bloggers. We truly enjoyed it! I will definitely come back with my family or friends. 

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& Leisure Park.

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