Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Set Visit:Updates about the Lead Stars Bea, Derrick, Jak & Kim

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Kapuso Network GMA 7 once again has touched a lot of hearts with their newest and most unique story in Philippine television with "Hanggang Makita Kang Muli". It stars one of the most talented Kapuso teen star, no less than Bea Binene.

In the intriguing family drama directed by Laurice Guillen, Bea plays Ana Medrano, a feral child isolated from human contact for a long time. The series also stars Derrick Monasterio as Calvin Manahan, a compassionate psychology student who found Ana in the heart of the woods while hiking.

Having been isolated from humans at a very young age, with just a dog as companion, Ana has little or no experience concerning human care, behavior or language.

Together with fellow Bloggers, we got the chance to interview some of the main cast of Hanggang Makita Kang Muli. One of them is Jak Roberto who plays the role of "Elmo". 
According to Jak, he is very grateful to GMA Network and GMA Artist Center for always giving him a chance to shine on his own, giving him great projects that will make his name more recognized and gearing him more to challenging roles in the future.

Jak said that he feels comfortable working with Derrick and Bea, both were very nice and professional which made him even more motivated to give his best every taping. He also believes that Hanggang Makita Kang Muli is one of the best soaps he's done so far because the story is really one of a kind and you'll learn a lot from it. Working with Kim Rodriguez is 
also fun because he's also friends with Kim, even though he knows that Kim used to have a love team in the past which is "KimKo, he said that he is professional when it comes to work and they're both helping one another to give their best on their respective roles.

Jak added that he feels really comfortable working with Kim, in fact there are times that they confide with one another about almost everything love life, name it.

Kim Rodriguez is definitely one of the most talented teen stars of GMA Network and I'm glad that she continuously gets projects because such talent shouldn't be shelved or taken for granted.  She has done several teleserye like Kakambal ni Eliana, Paraiso Ko'y Ikaw, Strawberry Lane, My Mother's Secret and Buena Familia, now she is doping something different. She plays a kontrabida role in Hanggang Makita Kang Muli as "Claire Sandoval"who is the girl friend of Calvin played by Derrick Monasterio.

Kim said that she didn't have any qualms accepting the role as a kontrabida because first and foremost, this is a very challenging role, not everyone succeeds portraying a kontrabida role, it also takes a lot of angst and guts to portray it and so far Kim is nailing it. She's used to portraying nice roles and being the one who is "inaapi" now she said, "Ako naman ang mang aapi!". Kim added that she loves working with Bea because they're close friends, they've worked in past projects and recently with Strawberry Lane which is one of the reasons why they treat each other like sisters. 

Kim added that working with Direk Laurice gave her a lot of motivation to give her best and it is also one of the best moments working with an award winning director and actress. She learned a lot from her and one of it is to be professional and always give her best whenever the camera rolls.

It's been a long time since we last heard from her love team #KimKo and we can't help asking about updates regarding her love team with Kiko Estrada. 

Kim and Kiko were first paired in Strawberry Lane and since the pairing was succesful, they got a project together in their very own teleserye "My Mother's Secret". I for one, love their love team, they look so good together. Kiko is handsome and Kim is beautiful. Both share the same passion in acting and they clearly love common things as well basing from our back to back blogcons, it was a perfect combination.

Since then, their friendship blossom and eventually, they were exclusively dating for some time but eventually, the communication stopped because both needed to concentrate on their respective work. They both know that they are still young and they need to focus more on their career which was a mutual decision. Although Kim mentioned and was vocal that she miss spending time with Kiko. At some point she got emotional because she wishes that Kiko would also share the same enthusiasm or feeling that she is having right now.

 It was always fun interviewing Derrick Monasterio and Bea Binene. They're always staright to the point and clearly, based on experience since they've been through a lot as well in the showbiz industry since they started out young, they now know how to handle everything when it comes to their chosen craft.

Derrick plays the role of "Calvin Manahan" in Hanggang Makita Kng Muli. Derrick said it was a big challenge to him to be part of this teleserye because this is his first teleserye that he is the main leading man. He added that it's been one of his biggest dreams to get this far and he wouldn't waste any time spoiling this chance. 

Working with Direk Laurice is another memorable experience to him since she gave him an inspiration to give his best and to reach that far in the showbiz industry. He learned to be more professional when it comes to acting, to be prepared all the time, study his script so that when they're taping, he can deliver his lines well and give his full emotion too.

Derrick praised Bea for playing her role perfectly, in fact the term Derrick used was "nadadala ako sa performance nya". She makes him feel that he needs to give all his best as well because Bea's role is really challenging, not everyone can portray it really well. It was also a plus that they're very good friends especially now that they're being paired for the soap. They're so close that they're comfortable joking one another and they confide with each other and even bonds when they don't have work.

Derrick is very happy with the stature of his career right now, he recently launched his self titled album and hopefully this will continue in the coming days.

“Hanggang Makita Kang Muli” may well be called Bea Binene’s biggest acting break. It’s not every season, or even every year, that a story focused on a feral child is told onscreen.

According to Bea, she researched well about her role because it's not really a typical role that is used to be seen in Philippine TV, this is a first and she added she wanted to portray it well so that she won't be criticized that she's not doing well about her role, clearly it bounced back good since a lot of good reviews has been circulating on how she perfectly she nailed her role as a feral child in fact she does it so well that people started googling more about the condition of a feral child. 

So, how does Bea feel that GMA Netwrok always gives her a challenging role? Bea answered that she is grateful that Kapuso network always trusts her that she can deliver more that what she is expected. Bea has done several teleserye where she portrayed challenging roles like Alice Bungingis and her wonder walis, Luna Blanca and more. 

At her age, Bea said that she feels mature enough to accept different roles so that she can explore more and she added that working with Direk Laurice made her even more inspired to portray her character perfectly since it was not really easy starting from the prosthetic and the way she acts around. Finally, in the recent episodes, her role is beginning to act more human which is also a step by step process with the special help of Calvin and her real Mom Evelyn played by Angelika Dela Cruz. But she still doesn't know a lot of things about her even her family background. 

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