ASUS Incredible Workshops Using Asus ZenBook with Victor Basa

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Last May 24, ASUS, The leader in innovation and boasts impeccable specs when it comes to their gadgets held a Lifestyle workshop featuring the powerful Zenbook. With its superior technical specs and stylish features, the Asus Zenbook empowers Filipinos to Pursue their every lifestyle.

What better way to make this workshop even more successful than to feature a lifestyle/tech/fashion blogger who knows how ASUS and your lifestyle can become the perfect pair. Actor Victor Basa shared tips and tricks on how to dress up and look smart plus more tips on how to take amazing shots and how ASUS can be a great and big help to everyone who lives their life on a fast lane.

According to Victor Basa, It's always a pleasure to him to share his knowledge to others since his ASUS Zenbook 305LA proved invaluable for his presentation as well. He added that he tried and tested the ASUS Zenbook and it is highly capable of handling multiple tasks while helping him look so good as well. 

Of course, I've always wanted to have a sleek and weightless laptop that I can carry around so that I can do a lot of tasks while I am on the go and thankfully, ASUS is here to save my day. The ultra stylish ZenBook UX305LA, adds style and performance without weighing you down. Design beyond imaginations yet it will definitely not bring you down when it comes to it's specs. Let's check it out.

During the ASUS Incredible workshop, we got the chance to have a closer look of the ASUS ZENBOOK. It really looks amazing up close and I can just imagine how much more if I really own it! Imagine how I can easily multi-task tasks at the same time check out my social media sites while doing work and blogging as well.

ASUS #ZenBook UX305

Here are some key facts about ASUS ZENBOOK:
Ultra- powerful performance
•      Choose between the Intel’s fifth-generation Broadwell Core i7 for  all-day computing power
Ultra-thin and ultra-light
•      1.3kg weight with 1.6cm thin (Thinner and lighter than New MacBook)
Ultra-clear display
•      13.3-inch IPS display with QHD+ 3200x1800 ultra-high resolution for ultra-sharp viewing experience
Ultra- stylish and chic
•      Available in multiple colors: Aurora metallic, obsidian stone (black), ceramic white
Ultra memory
•      Ready for everyday computing and demanding applications with 512GBSSD
The world’s thinnest QHD+ 13.3-inch laptop
•      1.2kg weigh with 12.3mm thin (Thinner than New MacBook)
Incredible visual experience
•      13.3-inch IPS display with QHD+ 3200x1800 ultra-high resolution
Powerful performance
•      New 6th gen Intel ® Core™ M to Intel® Core™ Processors 
Multiple color selection
•      Aurora metallic, obsidian stone (black), ceramic white

ASUS Zenbook is fast, slim and extremely beautiful. I'm speechless! 

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