THIS TIME: Red Carpet Premiere & Movie Review

9:07:00 PM

The most awaited kilig movie of the year is now showing in all cinemas nationwide.
Last night, THIS TIME held a red carpet premiere at SM Megamall cinema 9 and it was indeed one of the most celebrated and jam packed premiere night. 

 Fans were all excited to see the whole cast of This Time especially the sweetest couple James Reid and Nadine Lustre in person. 

Present during the premiere were Freddie Webb, Nova Villa, Issa Pressman, Yam Concepcion, Candy Pangilinan and Al Tantay. Friends of James and Nadine were also present to  support the film including Yassi Pressman and Vice Ganda.

James and Nadine shared how thankful and excited they are to share this movie to their loyal supporters who's been there for them since their very frist movie "Diary ng Panget". 

First and foremost, you shouldn't let the newest movie of James Reid and Nadine Lustre simply because this is their very first movie as a real life couple. 

You can definitely see and feel how sincere and heartfelt the scenes are in the movie. 
This is one of the main reasons why you won't miss how sweet they are in every scene and how their eyes says it all. 

This is a feel-good movie that tackles how close family ties is important and how the main characters balances their life between their family, school and their love life. Mainly, our life doesn't evolve only with our love life but also with our family and our future whether we are studying or working. Nadine's character is a fresh new take on how women should be independent and James Reid character shows how each of us should show how important our family is to us especially if they're the only ones left in your life.
James as Coby shows how he treasures his closeness to his grandfather to the point of sacrificing his own happiness just to take care of him.

In return Nadine's character as Ava also showed how everyone can relate to her role. Most of us experienced being in a relationship, confused whether you're just a special friend or you're in an exclusive relationship, although this type of relationships will only make you feel confused and helpless because "labels" is definitely a major thing. No one deserves to be left hanging and this is what Ava experienced until she learned to accept the situation and how to handle it.

There are a lot of kilig lines and scenes in the movie that you should watch out for. Plus, I love how Ava's family made the movie light and funny specifically Candy Pangilinan's character. She 's so funny, I love all her quirky lines. 

Bret Jackson is also part of the movie and his character is something new as well, you will sure love the revelation. It's nice how they support one another in this movie. 

The scenes in Japan is another reason to watch the movie since the Cherry Blossoms are everywhere, it made the movie more cinematic which made me love the movie even more.It's also Graded "A" by cinema evaluation board, meaning it's really a quality film and whole new approach, new story to watch out for. You'll see how fresh both James and Nadine in the movie, they really look good together. I also love Nadine's fashion sense in the movie, she's wearing a lot of jumpers which is really cute. 

This Time is indeed a fresh movie that will make you feel young at heart and love #JADINE even more. It will also make you realize that first love truly never dies and that taking chances is really good because in the end, regrets will hurt you in the long process.

In this movie, it's clear that James and Nadine doesn't have to prove anything anymore in terms of acting wise and following because it's evident that they're doing a great job with it. All in all I will give this movie a 9/10. It's like watching a Nicholas Sparks movie, yes, that level and more. Kuddos to the writer and director as well for creating such a nice movie for #JADINE. 

If you love them on OTWOL then you will surely them them here in this movie. Congrats Viva Films and Cornetto for producing this movie!

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