TOP ONE PROJECT Launches Self-Titled Debut Album under GMA Records

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We all know how talented Filipinos are and when it comes to singing, almost all who gained popularity via social media sites became popular because of their intense ability when it comes to singing. Recently, after winning GMA Network's multi-platform biy band competition, TO THE TOP has been making waves online because of the sheer talent as a boy band and they're not just a boy band, each of them showcases different abilities from the other member which made them unique compared to other boy bands in the country, not to mention they're all eye-candy.

The group is composed of:
 Joshua Jacobe ( 22 years old)

Joshua who is also another crowd favorite in the group for being hot and doing all the hataw dance moves whenever they perform. He also choreographs some of their dance moves. According to Joshua, up until now, it's still sinking in that they have a debut album and step by step their dreams are now finally coming true. They schedule nowadays are so busy that they really treasure bonding with their family when they have time but more or less, he also enjoys working with TOP because they're not just friends but also brothers who will help one another to reach the TOP. 

 Miko Manguba (22 years old)

Even though Miko was considered the leader of the group because of his experience and being the overall "Music Man" for his abilities, he still considers everyone in the group the leader of TOP because according to him, the group will not work if one of them is missing,which is why they need to balance and harmonize everything from their voices to their confidence and everything they learned ever since they joined To The Top as well as the teachings of Mr. C (Ryan Cayabyab). Miko also co-wrote the song "San Na" which is part of their album. Miko added that this is also based from experience and they wrote this song for only a day.

Mico Cruz (21 years old) 

Mico Cruz is the boy next door of the group. Showcasing those puppy eyes maybe one of the reasons why most of their followers are teenage girls aside from that, Mico said that he feels thankful that more and more people are supporting the group and they feel overwhelmed every time they do mall shows and the crowd would really love their performance, it really makes them give all their best as well. Just like him who followed his dreams to perform, he also encourages the youth of today to be more bold in pursuing their dreams. 

 Adrian Pascual (17 years old)

The youngest of the group is Adrian Pascual but even though he is the youngest, this is not a hindrance for him to showcase his craft when it comes to singing. According to Adrian, it has been his dream to perform and being in a group can also boost his confidence more especially when performing in big crowds. When asked how does he feel that most of the girls are rooting for him because of his good looks, he answered humbly that it's just an added bonus although he would appreciate it more if people would remember him because he did his best for his group TOP. He also wanted to become an actor someday, hopefully it will also come true in the future but in the meantime he wants to focus on TOP.

Louie Pedroso ( 20 years old)

Louie is often called "Pilyo" in the group because he can be very playful at times but when it comes to their craft, he is very serious about it. One example is that he helps in brainstorming for songs, he added that when they're not busy, he would write songs and he has been doing this for the past years now. He added that he loves pending time with the guys because they need to bond more so that they would blend more when they're singing and he even admitted that there were "tampuhan" as well but not to the extent that they would fist fight about it.

Their carrier single “Pag Gising” leads four other favorites, such as “Bakit Ganon,” “Alaala,” “Kaya Ko, Kaya Mo,” and “Somebody.” TOP trained under Maestro Ryan Cayabyab to whom they dedicate their first original composition “San Na.”

Top One Project performed a teaser of their songs included in their all original debut album and I must say I am really impressed. I love all the songs, their is a distinct sound that only Top One Project can own because everybody can perform but not everyone can be called a "Singer" and honestly speaking, they are very talented. The harmony of their voices blended perfectly and this is one of the few album that I can listen to nonstop whenever I feel I'm blue or I need inspiration. With this sheer talent, I hope they'll soar high, I hope they won't disband and I really wish they'll have a concert soon because they deserve it all the exposure they can get. 

Congrats once again Louie, Mico C. Miko M. Joshua and Adrian! You all deserve the spot you have right now, enjoy the limelight and may you have more albums, projects to come 
especially a concert! 

Watch TOP ONE PROJECT interview here:

TOP ONE PROJECT Performs their songs:

TOP’s album has been digitally released and is available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, and other digital stores nationwide. The physical album is now available at Php 199 in various record bars nationwide, as well as through

For more details:
IG: @toponeproject & @gmarecords

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