DREAMPLAY by DreamWorks City of Dreams Manila: One of a Kind Entertainment for the whole family

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There will always be a child like wonder within us no matter how old we get, as for me, I always enjoy simple things that makes me reminisce how I enjoyed my childhood days. I love going to amusement parks even though there are only a few rides that I can really enjoy since I am afraid of heights then there's indoor parks and so on but what I am really eyeing is Dreamplay by DreamWorks which is located at City of Dreams Manila. Thankfully GMA Artist Center invited us to Julie Anne San Jose's Birthday bash and finally I got the chance to experience it with my blogger friends!

Once you enter, you'll be greeted by the Penguins of Madagascar and other characters of the same movie. Since I love all DreamWorks movie, I am thrilled to go inside.

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 The time starts the moment you tap your wrist band at the entrance. You’d have to be mindful of the time as they do charge excess time by the hour.

DreamWorks Animation worked with iP2 Entertainment, which specializes in creating branded play experiences. The result is a unique 5,000-sq-m indoor interactive play center inspired by some of DreamWorks’ biggest films including “Kung Fu Panda,” “Shrek,” “How To Train Your Dragon,” and “Madagascar”—and packed with opportunities for family fun, learning and creativity.

Things to do at DREAMPLAY:
Learn to bake their own gingerbread man at the Cooking with Gingy station. Kids get to gobble up their own creation after. (Height requirement: 100 cm)

Build their own dragon and watch it fly. (Height requirement: 100 cm)

Enjoy 4D action at the Dream Theater. The 46-seat theater shows fun films featuring favorite DreamWorks characters. (No height requirement.)

Watch a puppet show at DreamTales. There are three puppet shows scheduled throughout the day—1 p.m., 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. (No height requirement.)

Relax on beanbags and read books with the family at DreamTales. 
Help Shrek find his keys at the Shrek Swamp Stomp. (Height requirement: 100 cm)
Play with DinoTrux. (Height requirement: 100 cm)
Help the Penguins of Madagascar build a boat and sail it down the river in Whatever Floats Your Boat. (100 cm)
Join the Afro Circus and have all kinds of fun in a multilevel play area. (Height requirement: 100 cm) This free play area includes an obstacle course and lets kids battle it out by firing foam balls.

Create their own animation at DreamStudio.  They can also take it with them. They are given a little USB flash drive and take the experience home and show their family and share it with friends.” (Height requirement: 100 cm)

Channel Po and train to become a Kung Fu master. (Height requirement: 100 cm)

Test their limits by conquering the Wall of Destiny. These climbing challenges offer physical fun and an adrenaline rush. (Height requirement: 120 cm)

Face the challenge of the Thread of Enlightenment and keep their balance as they cross this two-level rope course. (Height requirement: 140 cm)
Celebrate their birthday. There are three function rooms at DreamPlay, perfect for parties.

Eat. Chez Gingy, DreamPlay’s restaurant, has a menu that includes different kinds of pizza (P360-P390), dimsum (P210-P280), salads (P240-P350), burgers and sandwiches (P320-P330) and noodles (P320-P350).

There are different cakes—red velvet cheesecake, moist chocolate fudge cake, pandan pavlova (P240-P320). Chez Gingy also serves ice cream with as many toppings as you want (P120 for one scoop and P300 for three scoops).

Shop. The DreamShop is a dream come true for any DreamWorks fan. There are shirts, caps, water bottles, plushies, backpacks featuring Shrek, Gingy, Po and many other DreamWorks characters. The books are a good find, too. 

Check out the rates:

with Blogger friends Bedalyn Aguas & Jerhwin Hernandez
DreamPlay by DreamWorks is at U/GF, The Shops at the Boulevard at City of Dreams Manila, Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard Entertainment City, Parañaque. 
It’s open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Call 8080909.

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