Home Foodie Season 2 Welcomes Iya Villania-Arellano Starting June 13!

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Why do we love cooking shows? We are now in a cultural era that loves cooking shows – 
We fancy watching the host of the show, often a celebrity chef, prepare mouthwatering dishes over the course of the program, taking us through the food’s preparation as they show us the stages of cooking the dish. The show is supposed to be partly educational, as the host walks us through the process of preparing the meals, as for me, I am mesmerized. I love watching those really good cooks take a bunch on ingredients and create something amazing. I think that's really why I watch rather than to get cooking tips and ideas.

This is why I felt really glad that GMA Network launches the second season of Home Foodie hosted by Drew Arellano together with Chef Llena Tan-Arcenas, Rene Ruz and RJ Garcia. But this season gets much more exciting because they've added Iya Villania-Arellano, the better half of Drew in the show. This is really cute I think, just by watching them during the Blogcon of Home Foodie Season 2, they really look so in love and really passionate about what they do.

Drew and Iya praised one another when it comes to fulfilling their dreams to build a home. Drew said that Iya is very hardworking and she's always the one who pushes him to his limits and Iya mentioned how wonderful Drew is when it comes to the kitchen. Drew loves cooking and never fails to be adventurous when it comes to cooking, Iya added that she loves everything that he cooks which is why she appreciates it more now that she is pregnant.

Drew even narrated at one point how Iya experimented on cooking tapa and since she's pregnant, she's a bit emotional. He took a bite of what she cooked only to find out that it's a bit salty which is why since Iya is on the emotional side, started crying about it. This is why Drew said on a lighter side that he is more careful now but he loves cooking for his wife.

Chef Llena also prepared a dish for the Bloggers that day which is a sample of what they'll be cooking in their upcoming episodes featuring San Miguel products.

San Miguel Pure Foods believes that aside from dining out, foodies should also come home and harness their passion for food by cooking in their own kitchen and creating their own food experience.

Home Foodie is all about inspiring home cooks to reinvent traditional favorites and recreate dishes from food discoveries using San Miguel Pure Foods products.

Home Foodie Season 2 recipes are “Kayang-kayangSarap”, delicious and definitely doable that even kitchen newbies can do the recipes.

Iya is the most welcome addition to the Home Foodie Family. She represents all wives and mothers, who are not just food lovers but are also keen on learning and discovering more for the satisfaction and welfare of their loved ones. Iya, who is equally popular and looked up to by her followers and peers, will encourage kitchen newbies to cook as she takes on the journey herself, from novice to an intermediate cook.

Witness Drew and Iya’s cooking adventure at Home Foodie as the episodes tackle domestic struggles that are commonly experienced when it comes to learning and preparing great food for our loved ones.

Check out the delectable dishes that Home Foodie Season 2 will feature:
 Palikambing (Fried Banana Dumplings) with Caramel Sauce
 Chicken Pot Roast
 Sesame Ginger Ground Beef
Peppered Pork Chops

Check out the Blogcon and How Chef Llena Prepapred the Chicken Pot Roast:

Congrats on the new season! Looking forward to watch it soon! 

Catch San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie beginning June 13, Mondays thru Fridays, after UnangHirit on GMA7. 

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