The Millionaire's Wife: Last 2 Weeks! Who will Louisa choose? Will it be Ivan or Mark?

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Andrea Torres surely gave the audience who were faithfully watching The Millionaire's Wife what they are expecting of her since this is one of those teleserye from GMA Network that will really mark her name and to her co-stars, Andrea will definitely leave a mark on them on how professional and passionate she is when it comes to acting.

The Millionaire's Wife premiered last March and now at its peak since they'll be airing their last few episodes, now that Don Alfredo "Fred"Vergara died.

The Millionaire's Wife is a story about one woman's crucial decision to settle in a marriage of convenience with an older man, and its subsequent consequences involving her stepdaughter, her stepdaughter's children, her love child, and her love child's father.

Andrea Torres is The Millionaire's Wife. Her character Louisa Ignacio, a hardworking single mother who lives for her son will do everything for her son; even marry a rich old man. She vows to take care, to serve, and to be a loyal and dutiful wife to him in exchange of all the help he is giving her son who has juvenile diabetes.

Portraying the character of Louisa is Andrea's most mature role to date and she is very excited to take on the role. "It's the most mature role I've done pati 'yun story, it's very different. Kaya nga sobrang laking bagay sa akin na nakuha ko ito kasi nung nabasa ko ang script, ang story parang hindi ko pa siya napapanood sa TV tapos ako yung napili para gawin siya, na-excite talaga ako."

When asked if she will be ready if there will be more mature and sexy roles that will be offered to her in the future and she said that for as long as the story is good and she will be able to portray it artistically and if it is really needed in the script, why not. In The Millionaire's Wife, Andrea had a love scene with Mike Tan. As per portraying a Mom in the teleserye, she said that she has "pamangkins" whom she is very close to which is why it's not hard for her to portray the role. Andrea was also grateful for the chance of working with the best of the stars of today like Mr. Robert Arevalo and even Cannes Film Festival 2016 Best Actress Jaclyn Jose since she has learned a lot of things from her.

Ina Raymundo is Allison Montecillo, Stella's (Jaclyn Jose) only daughter who runs her grandfather's company. She is business savvy and her goal is always to be on top. According to Ina, even though she is busy with taping, she makes it sure that she will be able to balance her time so that she has ample time to bond with her family especially her kids. Looking at her now, she doesn't seem like she aged a bit! She added that she loves to work out, exercise and also maintain her balanced diet, this is one of the reasons, she concluded that she may look young because of her healthy living. 

James Blanco plays the role of Mark Crisostomo in The Millionaire's Wife. One of Louisa's love triangle in the teleserye. According to James, working with Andrea is fun and she makes it a point that every scene that they will shoot will be easy and on take one since she is very professional and always on time as well. James has been in the industry for quite some time already and has been part of many teleseryes in the past, he said that his acting style didn't changed although he makes it a point to study his co-stars and the script so that he will know how he would tackle one episode from time to time. 

Sid Lucero is Jared Montecillo, Stella's son. He is an underachiever and his life is all about gambling, alcohol, and women. There's no questioning on how passionate and determined Sid Lucero is when it comes to his acting abilities. He is one of the best actors in the industry and I really admire how he makes it a point that every role that he does is different and even better. He recently won a Best Actor Award in 19th Los Angeles Comedy Festival. Even Ms. Jaclyn Jose praised his on how good he is whenever they have a scene. 

Mike Tan played the role of Ivan Meneses. He is willing to do everything for his loved ones especially Louisa. They both have loved each other until an illegal job caused Ivan to go to jail not knowing he got Louisa pregnant. All the while, Louisa thought that Ivan had abandoned her. Eventually, he finds out that he has a son with Louisa and will do anything to win her and their son back.

For Mike, playing the role of Ivan is far from the characters he portrayed in the past, he said that he learned a lot from his character and was even challenged to portray a more mature and sexier role for this teleserye since they have some intimate scenes here too. Mike said that working with Andrea is really easy since they know each other way back since they've already worked in a project before.

Jaclyn Jose is Stella Vergara-Montecillo, Alfredo's spoiled unica hija. Stella knows how to spend her money but she doesn't know how to earn it. Jaclyn praised Andrea on her acting capabilities because according to her, she can really deliver well, she hopes that she would land a primetime teleserye in the future because she deserves it. She said, she loves the working ambiance in The Millionaire's Wife because everyone's nice and there's no such thing as "sapawan". She treats everyone like a family of her own. After coming back from a big win at the Cannes Film Festival, she is still overwhelmed and at shock but really thankful since this is a big accomplishment not only for her but also for the country.  She added that she didn't want people to think that she is will be "OA" to her role which is why when she came back for the taping, she acts like her old self, subtle yet a in character. 

We also got the chance to watch some of the behind-the-scenes and it was intense! We should really watch out for the last two weeks of The Millionaire's Wife if we don't want to miss a single episode of it. Who will Louisa choose? Is it Mark or Ivan? Will she finally attain that peace and happiness she is longing for? 

The Millionaire's Wife is under the direction of Albert Langitan and behind this enthralling drama is the creative team composed of Creative Director Roy Iglesias; Creative Block Head Jake Tordesillas; Creative Consultant Agnes Uligan; Unite Head Denoy Punio; Concept Creator Marlon Miguel; Headwriter Glaiza Ramirez; Writers Gilbeys Sardea and Jesse Villabrille; Brainstormers Marlon Miguel, Liberty Trinidad, and Michelle Amog.
Created by GMA Drama group, The Millionaire's Wife is supervised by the Executive-in-Charge of Production Lilybeth G. Rasonable; VP for Drama Redgie A. Magno; AVP for Drama Cheryl Ching-Sy; Program Manager Anthony Pastorpide; 
and Executive Producer Michele Borja.

Don't miss The Millionaire's Wife Monday to Friday after Hanggang Makita Kang Muli on GMA Afternoon Prime.

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