SUNSETS: Change The Way You See Beauty

5:15:00 AM

There is something about Sunset, sunrise and the skyline that makes me feel so relaxed, happy and at ease. Just by looking at its magnificent beauty makes you marvel how God created such wonderful creation, making me feel so blessed that I get to chase it every time I travel to different places.

Sunsets have always captivated me and put my soul at ease - I could happily gaze at a sunset and be content; the colors, beauty and sheer magnificence that this daily phenomenon brings really amaze me. Whenever I can, I always try to get some sunset photos when travelling - I am always amazed at the variety of different colors and contrasts around the country.

Whenever I travel, I want to take time to enjoy the simplest thing the I can discover but nothing compares to watching the sunset or sunrise. I saw some spectacular sunsets at sea - the reflections on the water and the unhindered view really helped to create some great sunsets and variety of colors. It was breathtaking.

The beauty of the Sunset change the way I feel about traveling. It's not just the trip but the excitement of seeing something that is beyond perfection, something that you will treaure for the rest of your life.

When taking sunset shots you have to be quick and ready as the sky will constantly change colour - every second may bring a different photo opportunity. 

I love how the colors in the sky change subtly from blue to various shades of red, orange and yellow. Watching a sunset puts me at peace and my mind clears of all negative thoughts,  I can't explain why but I really can't think of any better stress release for me. 

This is how I see beauty. The beauty of the Sunset made me realize that there is indeed perfection and everything that God created has it's own unique beauty that lies within that we should always appreciate and treasure.

I usually take this photos with my digital camera or android phone but there are times I can't count on them because of the quality that they produce. This is how I am so excited about Huawei P9's camera which is co-engineered with Leica,  not only does the new Huawei P9 feature the most prestigious photography brand, it features dual camera lenses.

 While some phone cameras already spot two lenses to capture different focal lengths, the P9 uses one for an RGB sensor to capture color, and a monochrome sensor to acquire detail. The two outputs are then synthesized to “create images of superior detail, depth and color.”

But what I really love about Huawei P9 is that it is obvious that Huawei wanted to pack as many features into the camera as possible. Other than the manual settings available, users can access modes such as Monochrome, High Dynamic Range (HDR), Night Shot, Light Painting, Time Lapse, and Slow-Motion. More shooting modes comapred to an DSLR camera, isn't that a genius? It will really change the way you see mobile photography!

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