2016 is a Good Year for Award-Winning Singer-Song Writer MARION

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In the recently concluded Awit Awards 2016, Marion took home the "Best Pop Recording - Song of the Year" for her song "Free Fall into Love". She also got the nominations for Best Jazz Recording for the song "How Can I", "Be Like You" Best Inspirational Recording, "Lights down low" Best Dance Recording, "Wanna be bad" Best engineered recording and "Unbound" Best collaboration and vocal arrangement. With a total of 6 nominations and 1 award, she is the Queen of the Night.

During her Concert Bar Tour at Historia Bar located at Quezon City, Marion performed several sets of songs that win the hearts of the audience. This is just one of her concert Bar Tours that she started this year. She only proved that she can do different genre of songs since most of the crowd who went to her bar tour comprises of different age gaps and they all enjoyed the mini concert. 

The concert was hosted by Ambet Nabus who also did a song number followed by Marion's special guest like Kiel Alo, Zion Aquino, her sister Ash-Ash and her close friend
 Michael Pangilinan.

Marion also did a duet with Michael Pangilinan.

The most awaited duet so far is Marion's duet song number with her sister Ash-Ash who is also starting to make her own name in the Music Industry with her own genre of songs. She also composes her own songs like Marion.

During our interview with Marion, she said that 2016 is truly a good year for her. She have been continuously blessed starting from her album then bar tours and now the biggest so far is when her very own composition was personally handpicked by the one and only Megastar Sharon Cuneta for her upcoming album.

According to Marion, Star Music asked her to compose a new song for Ms. Sharon Cuneta and at that time she wasn't really expecting that her song will be picked but she was hoping which is why when her song was picked, it was one of those moments that she felt like she was on Cloud 9. The title of the song is "Lantern". She submitted 3 songs but at first Sharon Cuneta really didn't know who composed the song. Marion talked about the song Lantern, "Eto yung song na pag sobrang down ka na, pag nasa stage ka na na sobrang depressed ka and the chorus of the song is like I will rise like a lantern in the sky..ganun"

Another blessing is when her song "Last Message" was also picked for Jona's upcoming album also under Star Music. Marion said that she've met Jona in the past and she knows how talented she is and how nice she is in person as well which is why she is happy that her song was also picked. 

The audience also enjoyed how Ash-Ash and Marion performed on stage. They did several song numbers that were Maribel Aunor's favorite, their fabulous Mom. They sung Ah Ean, Dalaginding and more making the audience more energized than usual.  

On stage they shared a wonderful chemistry, their voices blended perfectly, at home do they blend as well? According to Ash-Ash, she is very proud of her sister's accomplishments because even though she is busy and award winning, doing several shows and busy write songs, she is still same old Marion they know and she always makes time for her family.

Marion on the other hand said that she is very supportive of her sister's craft in fact, she supports her budding singing career and encourages her to compose more. 

Ash-Ash also has her own online business where she designs her own shirts. Most of it are statement shirts fit for everyone. 

Ms. Maribel Aunor with talented and beautiful daughters Ash-Ash and Marion.

With Marion's award winning talent, she will surely make more waves in the future. 
Don't miss the latest updates about Marion's tour, music video and more. Marion is also nominated for Wish Original Song of the Year by a Female Artist via Wish FM 107.5 .

Watch the highlights of Marion's Historia Concert Bar Tour here:

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