Captain Zero Gets Rid of your Worst Enemy: Cockroaches!

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Most of the people I know are scared of cockroaches and that includes me. You ever wonder why? Cockroaches are like ghosts, they haunt you, while you're busy doing household chores they come out of nowhere either crawling around towards you or worst comes to worst, flying towards you. Out of disgust, most of us either ran away from the dreaded scene or if you're brave enough, you can either throw that slippers towards it's direction and pray
 that you did a perfect hit. 

According to studies, Cockroaches have been around ever since the dinosaur era and they can even survive a nuclear fallout when they lurk in the dark. 

But the main reason why cockroaches should be a cause of your alarm for you and your family is that there are roughly 4,600 species of cockroaches around the world, and some species carry allergens, including those that trigger asthma, he says. Roaches can also transport sickness-causing bacteria and there are studies linking them to disease outbreaks.

Fear and disgust are the two universal negative human emotions and one signals immediate danger, and one signals the potential for disease or contamination which is why we should never take for granted our fear for cockroaches.

Thankfully, Captain Zero is here to save the day!

Captain Zero is designed to eliminate cockroaches in your home. It's a long-term solution for those who have been trying their luck in getting rid of these pests in their house or workplace, it can be used specially in bathrooms and kitchens, and some venues like wet and dry markets and some places most likely for cockroaches to breed.

Captain Zero is created by Winzo International Corporation, an independent sales company selling award-winning health and beauty products throughout the country.

Winzo International Corporation is a duly registered and independent sales company selling award-winning health and beauty products and serving both local and international customers.

Check out the steps on how to use Captain Zero:

You can now buy Captain Zero in sari-sari stores in Metro Manila, Laguna, Cavite and Bulacan, and will soon be available in all major supermarkets, convenience stores and drugstores nationwide starting 2017.

One sachet is good for 15 days. It is non-toxic to humans and just an effective solution to get rid of cockroaches. While using Captain Zero, you can also prevent having this insects at your very home if you always maintain it clean and free from any germs. Make it a habit to disinfect and throw away the trashes specially left over food in you have any. 

With Captain Zero, zero ang ipis! 

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