Migo Adecer celebrates his 17th birthday & excited for his upcoming album

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Migo Adecer will be celebrating his 17th birthday on December 20 but he chose to celebrate it first with his loyal supporters whom he treats like his very own family.

The event was hosted by the ever bubbly Tess Bomb. According to Migo, he wouldn't have made it this far without his loyal fans who's been there since Starstruck days and even though he was a bit busy now doing tapings, he would always want to give time to them via social media sites and chat with them with the latest updates from them and also from him.

Migo's parents have always been very supportive of his childhood dream and now that he already made it come true, all they ever wish for him is to stay tough and stay grounded. Although according to both Mido's Mom and Dad, Migo didn't change a bit, he is still the "makulit and makalat" Migo that they knew and from time to time when he doesn't have any shows or tapings and would go out with friends, his Mom would always tell him to wear nice clothes and fix his hair because there are times that Migo would always forgot that people might recognize him and they do.

His supporters also gave a special message to him plus a song number number and dance number separately. GMA Artist Center's Mark Sablan also gave him a special message form his birthday.

During our interview with Migo, he shared how truly blessed he is ever since he won the Male Ultimate Starstruck Survivor. Aside from being part of the much awaited tetefantasya of GMA Network Encantadia, he also got the chance to work with some of the best actors and actress in the industry. Migo added that he knew he needs to improve a lot more in his acting and also with his tagalog which is why he continuously does workshops for better improvement. Migo is excited to celebrate his birthday with his family and they don't have any Christmas plans yet but fore sure he wants to take a vacation with his family.

There's a lot in store for Migo Adecer come 2017  and one of these is his upcoming album from GMA Records. It will be an original songs and best of all, Migo wrote the songs for his album. Migo said that his excitement is bursting for his upcoming album simply because this is also his first love, singing. It will be more on Pop and Ballad and he will get to play his guitar as well. Migo said they'll be starting to record the songs soon and he can't wait to share his album to everyone. 

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