FIGARO Launches Executive Lunch Sets to Kick Start 2017

6:52:00 PM

This 2017, something new has been added to their long list of delectable menu. Figaro Coffee has always been active in presenting new ideas and menu into their offerings. From a regular coffee shop, they have also evolved into a small restaurant that offers one-of-a-kind meals that go well with their beverages as well as desserts that would satisfy people with a craving for their sweet tooth.

Now on their menu is a new offering called EXECUTIVE LUNCH SETS. These rice meals are perfect for busy people like me who are always on the go and would like to enjoy their lunch or brunch while waiting for the heavy traffic to pass. 

They introduced four meals for the EXECUTIVE LUNCH SETS
complete with lemonade and Salted Caramel Custard for only Php 249.00

Pan-fried dory fish fillet seasoned with lemon, salt and pper and topped with Lemon Butter sauce; sided with carrots and green peas and served with jasmine rice.

100% ground beef meatballs topped with mushroom gravy, sided with carrots and green peas and served with jasmine rice.

BBQ marinated pork belly grilled to perfection topped with special BBQ sauce and served with java rice and coleslaw.

4 slices of pure chicken Embotido, a mixture of 12 rich main secret ingredients and served with jasmine rice, tomato, lettuce, cucumber and sliced hard boiled egg and 
chili sweet sauce.

It'll be available in the following branches starting January 19: Greenbelt, Glorietta, Liberty, DBP, Tomas Morato, Shangri-La, Ace Plaza, High Street, Brickroad, Promenade, Shell Residences, Sct. Magbanua and Taipan Place.

Among all the selections for the Figaro Executive Lunch Set, I have to say that the Gourmet Embotido is my choice. It reminds me of grand celebrations like Christmas, New Year or even Fiesta plus my Grand Mother also cooks Embotido and she's now in Heaven, it's hard to find that perfect taste of embotido that I really love, now that Figaro is offering it, I might be visiting their nearest branch more often. 

 I also like the three other meals, BBQ lovers will surely enjoy the Grilled Pork Belly because just the sauce of it will make you want to have another round of rice plus the Salisbury Meatballs is indeed 100% ground beef! For those who are not very fond of meat, there's the Lemon Butter Fish Fillet that is fresh and very tasty, the combination of dory fish and lemon is just perfect.

From the looks of it, it seems that these new offering will be be part of the regular offering for Figaro Coffee and I sure hope so.

One thing about Figaro is that through the years they have this distinct flavors when it comes to their drinks and meals. I always come back to Figaro because of their Hot Chocolate. I just can't get enough of it. Which is why when I feel like I want to unwind, relax and just read a book on the corner, I'll drop by at Figaro and order their Hot Chocolate and then my day is complete.

Thank you Figaro for always making my stay at your Cafe worth while. You might want to try their delicious muffins and other pastries and cakes. These sweets transport us to a higher level of happiness, they’re the perfect way to cap off a meal, and they’re pretty good at keeping us sane so order it now at Figaro!
For more details, visit and like their official Facebook Page Follow (@figarocoffeehq on Twitter and @figarocoffee on Instagram)

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