Top 10 Kilig Facts of Piolo Pascual you need to know as he turns 40 this year

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Piolo Pascual will be turning 40 years old this coming January 12. Yes, you read that right, even though he is at the prime of his life and he doesn't seem like he is aging, the reality is he is turning 40 and at this age, Piolo has achieved so many things a man could ever wished for and so much more. 

THE one and only Papa P., the  Ultimate Heartthrob of the Philippines, a bankable actor, box office producer, in-demand product endorser and a multi-platinum recording star. Piolo Pascual is indeed a phenomenal artist in this generation.

During Papa P's Birthday Blogcon, Piolo mentioned how he never really entertain the thought of being that "BIG STAR" everyone thinks of him, with so many achievements, Piolo added that his road to stardom was not really easy. He started out step by step and with patience and perseverance, the rest was history. 

Let's go back in time and check out some of the fun facts about our very own Piolo Pascual
  1. We may call Piolo Pascual as "Papa P" but did you know Piolo still finds it weird and awkward when people call him "Papa P". In fact there are times he finds it funny that cameramen, guards and most of the guys he encounters calls him "Papa P".
  2. Piolo might be plaiting the town red since most of us feels this "kilig" feeling when we see him, how about Piolo? when is the time that he feels this way as well? Accoridng to Piolo, he feels "Kilig" whenever he sees his son Inigo doing great at what he does and whenever he sees his achievements whether it may be an awards or a commercial-billboard, he still can't believe that he really made it that far.
  3. Piolo wants to tap the international market, not just Hollywood but other markets as well like lifestyle and more. He received international praises for his acting. He was recognized in Banff World Media Festival and International Emmy Awards. In 2013, Piolo went to Cannes for the movie On The Job.
  4. Because Piolo loves acting that much, he put up his own Production company which is Spring Films. 
  5. Piolo is very keen on using his money in fact , he invests well. He invests in real estate and since he is an active endorser of Sun Life, his money is put into good use and also insured.
  6. He has his own foundation which aims to bring lasting and meaningful changes in the lives of Filipino families and more. It is Hebreo Foundation.
  7. Piolo maintains his body by doing work out and other sports activities like running, biking and more. He loves to join triathlon as well with his co-actors.
  8. His Movie Milan and Starting Over Again are two of his most top grossing films in all time. In Dekada 70, he gained 8 awards for Best Supporting Actor which is a grand slam for winning all 8 award giving bodies.
  9. Piolo named his top 5 sexiest actress in the showbiz industry: Iza Calzado, Liza Soberano, Nadine Lustre, Kathryn Bernardo and Shaina Magdayao.
  10. Piolo said that he still wants to get married someday when he finally finds that perfect person. Right now, he wants to finish all his commitments first because once he decided to get married, he wants to devote all his time to his future family.
StarStudio takes you to an EXCLUSIVE tour inside his home in Makati. Plus read EXCLUSIVE stories about Piolo's greatest milestones and his career highlights in our January issue.

Watch out for Yen Santos and Piolo Pascual's upcoming movie "Once in a Lifetime" under Regal Films showing soon! Some of the scenes were shot straight from New Zealand. 

Watch the Blogcon here:

Advance happy birthday Papa Piolo Pascual! 

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