HOTEL H2O: World Class Aquatic Staycation for the Whole Family

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Let’s be real: An escape is an escape, whether you fly around the world or stay here in Metro Manila. It’s really just about the hotel pillows, room service and a gleaming bathroom that you're not obliged to clean every now and then.

Sometimes, as a Manileno, we just want need to get away from it all. Between your boss, pollution, neighbors and sometimes even your relatives and friends, it can be really hard to find some “me” time away from the stress. But planning even a short getaway can take too much time, and bring its own anxieties.

Forget airports, taxis and suitcases and book a night or two right in town! My recent discovery is just at the heart of Metro Manila and something really unique and extraordinary that you may want to stay there forever - if you have the budget though.
Hotel H20 is located near Rizal Park (Luneta) just behind Quirino Grandstand. Just a walking distance from Luneta itself. Hotel H2O takes its inspiration from the waters of the Philippines. Perched atop Manila Bay, its marine-themed rooms and suites allow you to "sleep with fishes", with easy access to Manila Ocean Park all combine to make Hotel H2O a hotel like no other. 

The main lobby of Hotel H20 is located at the third floor. Here you will be assisted by their friendly and attentive staff. 

The 4 star hotel showcases elegant rooms that will make it hard for you to choose what suite you will choose for your staycation. They have Executive Suite, Premiere Suite, Deluxe Suite, Club Bay, Club Aqua, Aqua Supreme, Aqua Classic, Bayview, Aqua, Parkview Supreme and Parkview.

When we arrived, the room which was booked for us was not yet ready and since we have an itinerary to follow that day, we were told that we can use the Premiere Classic - Bay first so that we can freshen up and leave our things since we are going to tour and enjoy fun activities at Manila Ocean Park as well.

I'll be doing a separate blog post regarding our wonderful experience at Manila Ocean Park.

The Premiere Classic - Bay offers rich, wood-panel design to the posh appointments such as a queen bed, marble bath, free-standing bath tub with separate shower, receiving area with coffee table, work station with high-speed Internet access and two flat-screen LCD television sets.

After doing the first part of our itinerary roaming around Manila Ocean Park, we then went to Garden Cafe for light snacks. 

Garden Cafe is located at the ground floor of Hotel H2o. The aroma of coffee and gourmet food is very welcoming together with the staff and Sir Jeff Hener who is the Supervisor of Garden Cafe. 

There's so many light dishes to choose from and the cakes and pastries will make you 
crave for that instant. It took me a while before I made up my mind what to order because I want to try it all.

Garden Cafe, true to its name offers a garden ambiance. It will make you feel like your at your own backyard while digging in delightful food. Speaking of food, here's what we ordered.

 Mango Shake
White Chocolate Frappe 
 Bacon Cheese Panini 
 Tiramisu Cake
Devil's Fudge Cake

Indeed, it was a refreshing snack and I everything that we ordered. I especially loved the shakes since both the Mango Shake and White Chocolate Frappe were very refreshing, it made me realize again that it's really summer time.

Garden Cafe opens from 10 in the morning till 9 in the evening. 

Off to our staycation, this is the hallway going to our room. We are now redirected to our official room which is the Aqua Supreme Suite.

We also pass by the Gym inside Hotel H2O. You can now have a staycation and stay fit all at the same time. You don't have an excuse to skip that workout.

Receiving Area - Premiere Classic -Aqua

I was not really prepared when I entered our room, whenever we do staycations, I don't expect anything so that I will not be disappointed in the end, it's not really a "hugot" but it applies in every aspect of life right? But the moment I opened the door and I entered the room, my mouth was hanging open for about 2-3 seconds. It was indeed an amazing and surreal room.

No matter what angle I look, it looks really cool. It really has a massive aquarium inside the room with dory, nemo and friends! Plus you can even control the curtain if you want to cover the aquarium first but who wants to cover it? It's an ideal and mesmerizing scenery.

Aside from the high speed internet and the work station, you also have a mini ref with complimentary goodies from Hotel H20. 

But wait till you see the bedroom. Wait for it....

Say hello to our wonderful abode that memorable night. The Premiere Classic - Aqua showcases a one-of-its-kind aquarium wall into a more expansive accessory, providing a grander view of the marine life. 

There are two flat screen LCD TV sets, one in the receiving area then another one in the bedroom. The carpeted floor makes it even more elegant while the combination of white and purple will make you feel like a royalty especially the very comfortable pillows, bed and comforter. The moment is lay on top of it, I didn't want to leave the bed! 

Everything else is also that much larger and plushier - closet with Terrycloth bathrobes, and bigger bath area with tub. 

 Hotel H2O offers complete hotel vanity kit and toiletries which is something I really appreciate. I always go for hotels that offers the best bathroom because I love bathrooms, it's one of my favorite part of the house.

There are two bathrooms in the the Premiere Classic - Aqua room and I specifically  love the shower head. 

I truly enjoyed the Premiere Classic - Aqua Room and I wish I can live there. We had the most satisfying (and for me, a much-needed) hibernation, ever. These are the moments that you have this feeling of joy and contentment you can’t stop thanking God. That moment when you know, everything you ever need in life is right there with you (Good Health - Family - Passion in writing - career). I basked in a lot of those moments during our stay, and with Hotel H2O as our backdrop, surely I will never forget these moments for a very long time.

The night came and we went straight to White Moon Bar at the second floor just beside Makan Makan Asian Food Village for dinner. At that time, there was an event at the other side, a debut and according to Sir Jonathan, the Supervisor in charge that night, it was the first time that they're holding an event at White Moon Bar since they're now accepting events at the venue. 

 White Moon Bar is an open space bar that overlooks Manila Bay. I love the quaint design that makes me feel I'm at a resort in Boracay. The seats were comfy and Instagram worthy as well. Perfect for dates and group bonding too.

You can perfectly catch the sunset or the night breeze here while enjoying the delicious food at White Moon Bar.

 Lechon Kawali
 Buffalo Wings
Watermelon juice and Lemonade

For cocktails, we ordered Strawberry Daiquiri and Long Island Blue Ice Tea.

Enjoy your dinner at White Moon Bar by Hotel H2O!

For breakfast, we had a Buffet Breakfast courtesy of Makan Makan Asian Food Village. This is included with our stay at Hotel H2O. 

Makan Makan Asian Food Village offers a big space that can accommodate everyone. 

They have a wide array of choices for their breakfast buffet and this is what I actually look forward to when I go for staycations. Thankfully, you will have a happy tummy and will surely have a kickstart with your day when you have your breakfast here at Makan Makan Asian Food Village, I love the bacon too.

At around 11 in the morning, we were scheduled for a relaxing swedish massage at Zenyu Eco Spa. You can actually be a walk in customer, they don't just accept customers from the hotel, they accept anyone who wants to have that relaxing massage.

The ambiance is very relaxing and the smell of oil makes me even more relaxed than 
the usual. 

 Zenyu Eco Spa is the only spa in the Philippines that offers a negative ion-infused hotbed treatment. Apart from this, their full body fish spa is equally in demand as well.

 Negative ions are pure, clean air molecules that thrive in untouched areas of nature such as virgin forests, waterfalls, hot springs, beaches and mountains. It's no surprise that, once burdened with stress and tension, we immediately feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a visit to these sanctuaries of nature. 

Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM on Sunday to Thursday; 10:00 AM – 12:00 MN on Friday to Saturday. For reservations and inquiries: +63 2 238 6100 local 6190

After we check out from the hotel, we first proceed to Club Hotel H2O for our lunch.

You can lounge here with the view of Manila Bay and even order some food like what we did.

Mango Juice and Watermelon Juice
 Tuna Cheese Melt
 Fried Shrimp Balls with Garlic Mayo 
 Club H2o Clubhouse
Chicken Arabiatta

With a lovely view and delectable dish, who wouldn't say that it's a bitter sweet goodbye, for now at Hotel H2O? 

A one of a kind staycation awaits you at Hotel H2O. Hotel H2O also cater to all occasions, anytime, anyday, from baptism, kiddies parties, debuts and weddings to meetings, parties and school events. 

Check out their Water Coloured Events here:

A 4 star hotel  - Hotel H2O,  I must say is truly a world class hotel not only because of its fine taste but also for continually developing ways to provide comfort and entertainment for the whole family because you don't need to go that far. It's a hotel and a park all in one place. 

Consumers can expect and appreciate beauty, quality and excellence in a genuine experience, after all, we should always go for the value of our money and find that perfect haven where we can get the best deal not only for our family but also for our own experience.

Thank you Hotel H2O for hosting my stay! It was indeed a memorable one. 

For best rates, you can also book via

For reservations and inquiries, call +639175972390 or 2386100 local 6178 or
Hotel H2O & Manila Ocean Park Complex
Behind Quirino Grandstand, Luneta, Manila 1000 Philippines
+63 2 238 6100 +63 2 238 6175 or via Facebook

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