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According to research released by Time Magazine, Manila – more specifically, Makati City – is the selfie capital of the planet, averaging a mighty 258 selfies per 100,000 people (over the course of seven days). Moreover, we also have three other Philippine cities in the list: Cebu City at No 9, with 99 selfie takers per 100,000 people, while Quezon City came in at number 59 and Iloilo City at 72.

First, let's note that the Philippines has often been declared as a very social country. At the dawn of mobile phones, we were crowned the texting capital of the world with supposedly over 400m text messages sent per day. Following that, as social media rolled around, the Philippines was then anointed as the social networking capital of the world, with over 90% of Filipinos supposedly involved in one form of social media or another.

From those numbers alone, it should really come as no surprise that we're again on top of the globe with another achievement, if you want to call it that.  Surely, when it comes to technology, Filipinos are game changers because we don't get behind when it comes to innovation. 

Just last year, a Filipino-owned social site that calls for Filipinos to be more proactive in nation-building has been launched in Quezon City.

TayoNa!, the site tries to capture the Filipinos’ interest by having “selfie,” “groupie” and other themed photo contests. Members can also enjoy for free the usual features of social sites such as chatting, video and photo upload, wall postings, etc.

“ is used to support noble causes such as regular and sustained scholarship program with the ‘Selfie For A Cause’ campaign or salute to Filipino workers (local and overseas) using the ‘Sipag Pinoy’ campaign,” said Arthur C. Corpuz, chairman and CEO of Tayona Inc. 

The site’s basic feature is e-gift giving or sharing, where the gift giver automatically receives “Wish Gems” that can be used to “wish for prizes such as educational assistance,” plane ticket, gadgets, etc. At the same time, the gift recipient gets automatically credited with “points” that can be used to send eGifts in order to earn Wish Gems.

The site was created to help inculcate to Filipinos their duty of nation-building. Everybody should contribute for better Philippines. costs nothing and provides benefits for yourself, your family and community all for free.

Aside from enjoying a Filipino owned social media site, users can also enjoy ongoing contests wherein they can win prizes.

You can also be part of their upcoming event "Tayo Na! Zumbingo" on April 29 3pm at Liwasang Aurora, QC Memorial Circle.

You can also download the app via Google Play!

Research showed as of 2016, there are at least 44 million Filipino internet users spending an average of six hours per day on the internet. So, why not spend it in a more meaningful way and help those in need by joining Tayo Na PH. If at least 10 percent or 4.4 million of them embrace the foundation spirit of TayoNa, that will make it easier to accomplish the mission.

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