Mikael Daez: Food Challenge at Marikina Carnival Food Park & his Ongoing Projects

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An actor can do so much more. This is what Mikael Daez has proven through years of being in the showbiz industry. Aside from being an actor, he is also a very good host and at the same time he is one of the most followed Vlogger in the country. How does he balance his time doing all of these?

Bloggers got the chance to hang out with the hunky Mikael Daez at the most popular food destination in Marikina - Marikina Food Carnival, where we battle it out in a food challenge and Miakel as the judge of the best food that we can cater to him.
I was paired with Kate Adajar of Randomrepublika.com and together we hunt for the best food that Mikael would love. Of course, we wanted his experience at Marikina Food Carnival to be memorable and that he would also enjoy the dish that we will choose for him which is why we scouted for carefully.

Kate mentioned that Mikael loves coffee which is why we chose a coffee based milk shake which is perfect since it was indeed scorching hot outside because of the Summer season. Then we chose a dish that will compliment the milk shake, something spicy but with a twist. We go for the Crazy Hot chicken lollipop to for that perfect pair.

Our perfect combination for Mikael Daez. 

Thankfully, when Miakel judged all the dishes served to him, we landed on Mikael's 
top 3 best choices! According to Mikael, he liked the combination of the milk shake and the chicken. The taste complimented each other and it was something unique as well.

Before we started the Food Challenge, we also got the chance to have an interview with Mikael. He is currently part of GMA Afternoon Drama "Legally Blind", his role is Atty. Edward Villareal. He is paired with the main character of the movie, no less than Ms. Janine Gutierrez. According to Mikael, Janine was a breath of fresh air. He loves working with her because she is very passionate with her craft and she is very professional too. He  admires her for doing all her best for the soap since her character is a blind rape victim. 

Mikael Daez has done several teleseryes in the past but he treats each teleserye a challenging one so that he can explore different sides of his acting capabilities. He is also the host of Midnight Express of Saksi where he showcases different food and dishes across the country. When he has time, he records videos of his recent travel adventures through his YouTube account. His recent trip was a month ago Megan Young in New York.

Mikael Daez mentioned that he loves Japanese food, he loves eating ramen. Although he is adventurous when it comes to food, he wants to try more of the different cuisine across Asia. Something unique and exciting and he will document it too via video blog.

When asked if he is willing to do a travel show he said that it's a big responsibility and a challenging one too, the best known travel show is of course Byahe ni Drew and he wishes that if ever he will be given a chance to do a show like that, he wants to focus on that show alone since it will really take most of his time since it's a travel show. 

Mikael will be part of an upcoming show via GMA News TV entitled "Alex and Amy" where he will be with an animated person which is actually exciting for him too.

Don't miss Legally Blind airs every Monday to Friday after Ika-6 Na Utos on GMA Afternoon Prime.

More on the Food Adventure at Marikina Carnival Food Park!
Marikina Carnival Food Park is nestled in the heart of Marikina City. Located at Gil Fernado street, just near Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, beside Shell Gas Station. What makes this food park more appealing is that it has a lot more food choices. They have burgers, rice meals, fries, shakes, ramen and more! Almost everything that you can think of is here and it's open from 4 in the afternoon till midnight. 

The place is so Instagram worthy too! You can find any spot where you can use your selfie stick and do a groupfie or selfie, whichever you may like while digging in the delectable food.

Check out some of the delicious food we ate at Marikina Carnival Food Park. Special thanks to GMA Artist Center for always making our Blogcons unique and extra special! We truly enjoyed our food challenge with Mikael Daez!

For more details:
Instagram & Twitter: @artistcenter

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