Summer Collection 2017 Edition of Ipanema, Grendha, Zaxy and GOLA

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The scorching heat doesn’t have to be that bad when you’re ready for it. Just be prepared with your summer must haves and you can take the hottest enjoyable escapade. With your sunblock ready, sunglasses, hat and light clothing, you can feel lighter on a hot sunny day. And to top this off, your summer OOTDs won’t be complete if you don’t have your light / neutral colored footwear. 

Here are various styles that will definitely maintain your glam chic look even on a hot weather.

The Ipanema Summer Pastel collection called Class Fem comes in 4 different colors. For a lighter vibe, it offers Pink, Blue and Green, and of course, for those that would always want a neutral look, the same style is available in Black. 

This style is priced at Php1,295 and is available in selected Ipanema and Bambu Stores nationwide. Likewise, this is available in select SM Department stores (The SM Store) , Shoe Salon, and Landmark Department Stores.

Another style to for this summer is Ipanema’s Classic POP Fem. This style will definitely make an impression as it  exudes a vibe of individualism, freedom and liberation. The perfect fit for you to relax this summer as leave behind all excess baggage and keep your calm. Show off your feet and make a statement! The Ipanema Classic POP Fem is also priced at Php1,295.

Bambu Glorietta Branch (GOLA)

If you’re not one of those who’d spend your summer lounging in the beach, there’s still a perfect pair for you. 

Gola brings you the pastel collection of the WASP. This sneaker will amp your style even if you just want to dress down and be comfortable with what you wear. Priced at Php 3295, a true catch for a pair that offers both style and comfort.

For a more sophisticated yet lighter look this summer, Grendha offers the:

Grendha Is Raizes priced at  PHP 1,095.00

Grendha Exclusive Sand AD priced at PHP 1,495.00.

Be simply chic, simply beautiful, as you bare this feet this summer with these 2 stunning collections. 

Another go getter this summer is Grendha’s Is Natural Sand Ad. Priced at Php1695, this all around style will surely bring out the modern elegance vibe, fit for any occasion. 

Now if you’re feeling hip and boho, the Zaxy Glass Sand Ad is a sure win. This nude strappy sandal doesn’t only feel light and look light , but it’s extremely stylish and goes with any color. Priced at Php1295, this value for money sandal will bring out the goddess in you. 

Another hippie variation is the Zaxy Vibe I Sand, priced at Php1,595. Experience ultimate comfort like you’re walking on a yoga mat. The softness that it brings will definitely relax your feet. Dress down with comfort as you pair this neutral sandal with your coolest summer get up.

There's a lot of choices to choose from and I'm sure you'll get the perfect sole for your Summer getaway at any Bambu, Ipanema Store, The SM Store, Shoe Salon, Robinsons Dept. Store, Landmark Dept. Store, Olympic Village and TAF. 

Check out the presentation here:

So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite brand at any store, you can also avail their ongoing discounts and promo like the exciting trip to Bohol! plus games and raffle. 

Ipanema,Grendha, Rider, Zaxy, Gola, Sofft, and Anacapri are exclusively distributed by ELRO Retail Corporation. Visit for more information.

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