Hay Bahay! now on its new Time Slot: Every Sunday after 24 Oras Weekend

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Hay, Bahay! replaces Vampire ang Daddy Ko a year ago now which is also produced by M-Zet Production, Inc., the sitcom premiered last year, June 2016 and airs Sunday nights on GMA Network after 24 Oras Weekend. 

We have always seen Philippine showbiz’s biggest name in comedy and a Box-Office King Vic Sotto together with his son Oyo Sotto in a project. Now, after a year of being together in a tv sitcom, how does it feel to be with the same cast for over a year. 

Oyo shared some of his wonderful experience throughout the year. According to Oyo, he feels blessed to be working side by side with his Dad Bossing Vic Sotto together with his beautiful Wife Kristine Hermosa and an addition to the family, their 4th child Marvic which can be seen as well at Hay Bahay.

Oyo said that they make it a point that the show is family oriented, light and fun because we all know that Sunday is family day, this is the perfect time where the whole family is at home and watching tv altogether. 

Oyo also shared that unlike what people think about him, he is very supportive of his wife Kristine, in fact, he is the one who is encouraging her to go back in the showbiz scene which is also her first love. But he added that it's still Kristine who will have a say on the projects she will do. Most of the time, if they're not busy, they engage into physical activities like biking. This summer, they just stayed at home with the family. They celebrated Bossing Vic Sotto's birthday at Balesin last April with the whole Sotto clan.

Looking as lovely as ever is Ms. Kristine Hermosa. She shared some of her tips on how to stay fresh and lovely through the years and one of them is just to stay positive, happy and stress free. She also loves eating organic foods and vegetable and on top of that she added that we need to stay hydrated. Kristine manages to balance her time with work and family saying that she would never give up family time no matter what. 

She loves taking care of her kids and her husband which is why this is one of the main reasons why didn't see much of her in the limelight. Kristine added that Hay Bahay is a breath of fresh air in her showbiz career since it's her come back in the tv plus she has always wanted to do a light and comedy show. She would still love to do series but she would love to do more rom-com or comedy series than drama which she has been doing in the past.

Krisitine also shared that she feels blessed to have a wonderful family and thanks all the fans for continuously supporting her through the years. In fact, she was happy that their family even have a fans club plus she still holds the record of being one of the beautiful faces in the showbiz industry.

Wally Bayola is also part of the sitcom Hay Bahay. He plays the role of "Sikat", the half brother of Lav (Vic Sotto) who aspires to be a comedian. He always have a joke or a punchline but it always turns out to be corny and he is the only one who laughs at his jokes. 

Wally truly has come a long way when it comes to being a comedian. According to Wally, he can relate to his role because he didn't start in the showbiz industry that easy. It was a step by step process and without the help of Bossing Vic, Jose Manalo and his Dabarkads in Eat Bulaga, the rest is history. He is thankful for the blessings that came his way especialloy the Kalye Serye series. According to him, the secret to success is to just be thankful, be humble, accept failure, stand up where you fall and always do your best. Wally mentioned that he is thankful to all the fans of JoWaPao.

With all the blessings coming his way, how is it like to be Wally Bayola? He said that he is saving for the future of his kids and there are investments he wants to pursue for future business. His main dream is to give his family a wonderful life.

He recently went to United States of America for a series of show together with AlDub for Kalye Serye tour. 

Marlann Flores is also part of Hay Bahay as Bolina. 

Let's have a tour inside the house of Batch and Yoyo where Lav, Vio, Mael, Sikat and Bolina resides.

Behind the Scenes of Hay Bahay episode this May:

Hay Bahay! reflects the typical life of a Filipino family, how they cope up with different day to day problems and no matter how hard life can be, there will always be love, laughter and harmony that will bind them together.

On this episode of Hay Bahay! Let's all watch out if Lav and Vio will have a happy ever after in the end. Tune in to Hay Bahay on their new timeslot, every Sunday at 6:45 p.m. after 24 Oras weekend on GMA Sunday Grande!

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