Kris Bernal Sizzles on her 28th Birthday as she Covers FHM May 2017 issue Plus New Teleserye Impostora

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Kris Bernal recently celebrated her 28th birthday with her loyal fans in a KTV in Quezon City. She shared how momentous her 28th birthday is because this is a fresh start of being a full grown woman ready to face more mature roles and projects. 

Kris said that she owes it a lot to her fans for being there for her through the years which is why she is celebrating it with them no matter what. 

This is the perfect moment to bond with them and she also prepared special gifts for everyone. According to Kris, they are the reason why she keeps on giving her best in everything she does because they believe in her capacity as an actress.

This 2017, Kris Bernal trended on social media as she cover the May 2017 issue of FHM Magazine. Kris truly made Summer of 2017 even more hotter as she graces it wearing sexy two piece bathing suits. According to Kris, this is very well thought decision and she asked the people around her if this is the right move to do so since she is already turning 28 years old and granting that FHM has been asking her to grace the magazine in the past years.

Kris said that this is the perfect timing and that she will not regret it infact she would treasure it because not everyone can be on the cover of FHM Magazine and she really worked hard to be fit and healthy as well. She received a lot of praises for her sexy figure but there are also bashers. 

Kris Bernal is getting noticed for her skinny bod. Is she anorexic? Her answer is "For those who are just sincerely concerned about me, I appreciate it but I eat normally, I am perfectly healthy bringing better nourishment to my body." Kris pointed out that she's getting tired of people who keeps on thinking negatively about her body and how she keeps track of her weight saying that she is anorexic and bulimic. She knows that some of them are just concerned but she added that she is perfectly fine and healthy. She eats most of the time and keeps track of the food she eat but working out as well. She even added her metabolism is really fast and she is really bony, her bone structure is really prominent, she can't do anything with that.

Kris Bernal's waistline right now is 22 inches. She even added that she has gained weight with that waistline because before she used to be 19 inches. She is thankful for her fans who keeps on fighting for her via social media and she just wishes people would just appreciate her for who and what she is.

Kris also feels blessed for having another big project this 2017 via GMA Network. She will be playing the lead role in the upcoming GMA Afternoon Prime series "Impostora" slated to take the slot of Legally Blind. This is a comeback project for Kris Bernal after signing a new contract with GMA Network. Her last teleserye was Little Nanay which was aired in 2015.

Playing both the protagonist and the antagonist in the show, Kris is ready for any challenge that may come with the role, including daring scenes, this why she prepared herself since she really wanted to prove everyone, also to herself that she can be a versatile actress too.

 Joining her in Impostora are Rafael Rosell, Ryan Eigenmann. It is loosely based on the 1994 film of the title Sa Isang Sulok ng mga Pangarap starring Alice Dixson, Tonton Gutierrez and Ariel Rivera with the same title of Impostora in 2007 starring Sunshine Dizon and
 Iza Calzado.

Kris admitted that one of her biggest dream and bucket list is to win an award, although she also admitted that she was sad and disappointed that her role as "Tinay" in Little Nanay didn't get any award, she said that she will still do her best to achieve that award in the near future. She always makes it a point that she gives her best in everything she does.
With her role in Impostora which is also challenging since she will be wearing prosthetic and the other character she will play is a kontrabida.

“I like Nimfa but Rosette is challenging because she’s the kontrabida. I’m not used to it. Rosette is very elegant, very sophisticated, a role that I rarely get. I usually play impoverished characters or I’m usually being maltreated. Since she is the antagonist, being her requires me to hurt others in the story (including my other character, Nimfa). Yun din yung di ko rin ginagawa dati and in most of my scenes, I’m also hurting myself (you know when Rosette fights with Nimfa). Mahirap umarte ng magkabilaan (It’s tough to act double). I’m doing the scenes without any body double (stand in). Hangin lang ang kausap ko; wala akong makuha na emosyon pabalik.  

Away from the limelight, Kris Bernal also talked about her business "MEAT KRIS". She is very hands on when it comes to her food venture which has a branch at Roces Avenue, Quezon City. She will open two more branches soon, in UST area and one in Ortigas. She makes it a point to check on the delivery, inventory and sales of her burger joint.

Kris wishes that her career will flourish more and hopefully she will win an award soon because this is really her biggest dream. Don't miss IMPOSTORA soon via GMA Afternoon Prime which will premiere on June 12.

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