Mikoy Morales Releases Second Single - SANA

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Mikoy Morales knew from the start that it hard to start in the showbiz industry especially if you're a "singer-song writer". Not many people knew that he has been writing songs for some of the artists but because he has this great love and passion for music, he would conquer anything and everything just to make people embrace what he is capable of doing.

Mikoy will be turning 24 this year and at a young age, he can very well write his own experiences through a song which is in fact very effective when composing a song because you can very well feel the emotions of of the song as well as why the song was written.

Mikoy showed his love for music at an early age. He learned to play the guitar through friends and song books and also know how to play the piano with the help of  a light-up keyboard, this is where he started interpreting his favorite songs then ended up composing his own songs. His passion in performing started when he joined high school ministry in La Salle Greenhills "Kundirana" during his senior year then off to performing organizations in college until he joined the second season of GMA Network's Protege, a reality talent show.

This paved way to numerous opportunities to Mikoy, the singer-song writer made his way in the showbiz industry also showcasing his excellent skills in acting which is why he has been in different teleserye and sitcoms in GMA Network. According to Mikoy, as an artist, he doesn't let his skills in abox, he wants to explore different fields of it which is why he feels good on how he can balance his love for music then also acting. 

Mikoy has been part of theater as well and also active in producing concerts, musical directing, scoring and wrting songs for top singers like Julie Anne San Jose and Rita Daniela. 

Currently, Mikoy is taking up Music Business Management in MINT College and is independently producing his own music to pursue his ultimate goal which is to touch hearts and transform lives. During the interview, Mikoy said that he doesn't have any complains on being under a recording label but for now, he just wanted to produce his own music so that he can explore more of his boundaries and share what his music the Mikoy Morales way.

His second single "Sana" is all about the kind of love that has no closure, a song that is based from his very own experience. Mikoy shared that night how he wrote about the show. 
He has been in a relationship with his showbiz girlfriend who is also a part of GMA Artist Center. Although last year, they've gone through a rocky situation which is why they ended up broking up, this is where he wrote the song "Sana". 

According to Mikoy, not all relationships are bound to last until the end, of course there are a lucky few who stay together till the very end. He added that sometimes, no matter what you do, you just can't brawl with the inevitable, despite the struggle with fate, you will somehow hear the stars whisper hope in your ears. Whether it was you who ended it or it was the one you love who closed the door on you, it can't be denied that there are certain flames that you just can't put out.

Although this song is now officially released, Mikoy shared that he and her girlfriend are back in each other's arms. They've patch things up and the girl knows all about the song, Mikoy even makes the situation light by joking about it. 

 Aside from launching his second single "Sana" Mikoy is also being in D'Originals, a teleserye in GMA Network afternoon prime where he plays a gay role. He even has a partner in the show who is Elyson De Dios. Mikoy shared that it was fun working with Elyson saying, "Okay siya ka-trabaho kasi game siya and pag sinabi ko na need natin maglandian dito ganyan, siya go lang, professional lang talaga kami sa work." Mikoy also portrays a gay role in Pepito Manalotto and he added he doesn't mind being typecast because this is a very challenging role, he knows that he is able to do justice on the role because he 
keeps getting a gay role.

Also present during the launch of "Sana" were his family and friend Izza together 
with the band Traps. 

Check out "Sana" by Mikoy Morales

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