My Love from the Star Premieres May 29 via GMA Telebabad: Pilot Viewing and Review

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The most anticipated Pinoy version of My Love from the Star will finally premiere this May 29 replacing Destined to be Yours via GMA Network Telebabad after Mulawin VS Ravena. 

“My Love From the Star” is a Korean Drama that revolves around an alien (played by Kim Soo-hyun in the original) who landed on Earth and is torn between his feelings for a famous actress (Steffi Cheon, portrayed by Jun Ji-hyun of “My Sassy Girl” ) or returning to his own planet.

The said Filipino version-remake is directed by no less than Bb. Joyce Bernal.

Bloggers together with Kapuso Brigade got the privilege to watch the pilot episode and I really felt lucky, because I've been waiting for this remake for as long as I can remember. I've watched the original version a couple of times and I will not get tired watching it over and over again because the story and the concept was original, not that it wasn't done in the past American series or movies but this one has that "kilig" touch that will make you think of the what ifs in real life. The cast were also perfect and just the same I am also looking forward how the cast will pull of their respective roles specifically the main cast Gil Cuerva and Jennylyn Mercado.

 So, after watching the pilot episode, I was ecstatic to watch more! I'm so delighted that they really stick to the original version of the story and some of the major and "kilig" scenes were not edited as well. Jennylyn Mercado, hands down has portrayed the roles of Steffi perfectly and I can't even imagine anyone else portraying the role mainly because: 

1. She is one of the prettiest faces in the showbiz industry and the character needs to be categorized in that perspective (we all know how  gorgeous and famous Jun Ji-hyun is in real life and I'm sure she'll also be glad that Jennylyn will portray the role.

 2. Jennylyn has evolved in different roles through the years and she has already proven that she is a versatile actress. From doing drama which she truly nailed then now conquering the Rom-Com genre, she earned the box office title for the Rom-Com movie she did English Only, Please nevertheless, her role as Steffi is solely perfect for her. 

3. Jennylyn can act demure then "crazy" with just a snap of the fingers. She can transform herself to different characters without even making herself ugly in the process.  If you've watched My Love from the Star, you'll know how Jun Ji-hyun did a lot of funny scenes here and Jennylyn pulled it off perfectly.

4. Lastly, I guess Jennylyn Mercado is one of the few actress in the industry that you can pair off with anyone and it will surely be a hit and will produce a totally "kilig" project. She's been paired with different actors in the past: Mark Herras, Derek Ramsay, Dennis Trillo, Raymart Santiago and John Lloyd Cruz to name a few and still make everyone's hearts flutter. That's a talent not anyone can bring on. 

Jennylyn will surely make everyone love her even more as Steffi Chaven and for sure, this role will be marked as one of her best if not, memorable roles to date. Jennylyn Mercado will be playing the role of Steffi Chavez. A top Filipino superstar who is very stubby and believes that she is every man's dream, until she meets her stony condominium neighbor, Matteo Domingo. She has some cute rivalry with the latter and would eventually develops feelings for him.

At first, most of the people doubted if Gil Cuerva can pull off the major role of Matteo Do in My Love from the Star. From all who auditioned, even bypassing seasoned actors, he came to be the top choice. Why?

Meeting him in person twice now gave me the conclusion that he truly fits the role because he looked mysterious, reserved and that there's a lot more to him aside from his perfect exterior that people can see. The important factor is that maybe Direk Joyce Bernal must've sense as well how driven he is. 

Gil Cuerva started out as an International Model and he auditioned for the role as Matteo Domingo, although at that time he thinks the chances of being picked was slim, he just wanted to try his luck and finally got the role.

After watching him on the pilot episode, I must say he nailed it. Everyone should really not miss the pilot episode because Gil got something for everyone that will make their hearts melt and there's no denying that there's a scene there that automatically make you say he is indeed HOT and you'll want to wish you have that replay button. Acting wise, I know he'll improve more but for a beginner, he did well. He can work on more with his emotions using his eyes because they're very expressive just like what Kim Soo-hyun did in the KDrama, reserved yet you know he is hurting inside, reserved yet he has finally fallen for Steffi. But there's a lot of scenes in My Love from the Star that Jennylyn and Gil truly made our hearts melt which is why I can't wait to watch more of the episode in the coming days!

Gil said during the interview that he feels overwhelmed with everything that is happening right now. There are times that it hasn't sunk in yet that he is already an actor but now that he has watched the first episode, he wants to give his best more for the audience. He shared that his dream and goal right now is to be a good actor, he is willing to learn more and he is thankful both to Direk Joyce and to her leading lady Jennylyn for guiding her a long the way.

Watch Gil Cuerva's interview here:

Also present during the pilot viewing were:

 Annalyn Barro as Mina
Steffi's feebleminded Personal Assistant who is usually stresses because of her boss' impossible demands.
 Valentin as Detective Park
A secret agent who works together with Peter on Rachel Buenavista lawsuit.
Migo Adecer as Yuan
Steffi's rebel and stubborn younger brother, who first testify her relationship with Matteo but grows to like him because of their shared desire in astronomy.

Meet the cast of My Love from the Star

Learn more about Gil and Jennylyn's roles:

Don't miss the premiere of MY LOVE FROM THE STAR on May 29 after Mulawin vs Ravena via GMA Network Telebabad.

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