Chef Boy Logro's Recipe for Success as He Turns 61

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The showbiz industry has made several top chefs in the country famous with the likes of Sandy Daza, Gene Gonzales and more but none has made so much noise that even trends on social media as the ever jolly and cheerful Chef Boy Logro.

Chef Boy Logro celebrated his 61st birthday at one of his restaurant. This one is located at Greenhills, San Juan which is called "7 Flavors". Food Review will be done in the next blog post so watch out for it. Chef Boy celebrated it with the talented kids from ChildFund Organization.

The birthday celebration of Chef Boy Logro was hosted by no less than Tess Bomb and one of T.O.P. member Joshua Jacobe. T.O.P. is one of the most promising boy band from GMA Network and recently they sung the official soundtrack of Mulawin VS Ravena entitled "Ikaw Nga".

Of course, Chef Boy's birthday will not be complete without a special message from his beloved colleagues specifically at 7 Flavors who greeted him on his special day mentioning how happy they are to be working side by side with him and how he makes every meal at 7 Flavors unique and one of a kind because of his love for food and culinary.

What made the day even more special was when the kids from ChildFund Organization performed a special number for Chef Boy Logro using their bandurias. 

It was truly a heart-warming presentation because they showcased how talented they are and they really made Chef Boy Logro happy on his special day. 

In return, Chef Boy Logro made their stay at 7 Flavors worth while as well, they all enjoyed the special cuisine of Chef Boy plus he also showered them with gifts and photo ops as well.

Chef Boy Logro was very vocal about his humble beginnings which is why he always makes it a point that he can help others in every way he can especially those that he sees they can do more and they have that special talent in them specifically when it comes to cooking. Chef Boy has a lot of scholars and he is thankful that he also got the chance to spend a day with the kids from ChildFund.

With this funny antics, signature dance moves and “yumyumyum” recipes, Chef  “Boy” Logro is now one of the most popular chefs on Philippine television. Together with Bettina Carlos, they cooks fresh and innovative ways to make the experience more fun and memorable in the kitchen via Idol sa Kusina which is aired via GMA News TV Channel 11. 

According to Chef Boy, "everything seems like a dream", once upon a time, the “Kusina Master” of Philippine television served state leaders, kings and queens. A poor boy from a fishing village in Leyte, Chef Boy’s rags-to-riches story from a houseboy in Quiapo to the personal chef of the King of Oman is among the most inspiring overseas Pinoy stories.

After spending many years in the kitchens of the Diamond Hotel, Chef Boy settled down in Cavite where he put up his culinary school: Chef Logro’s Institute of Culinary and Kitchen Services (CLICKS), which he also expanded to Compostela Valley where he also have a resort, water refilling station and soon a University. When asked why he chose to build an empire in Mindanao, he said that he love the people in Mindanao, he loves the feeling of being in a province where you can breathe in fresh air. He also mentioned that his wife is the one who handles all his money, she is the one who takes charge with their account and business as well which is why he is thankful that God has been giving them blessings and he would eventually invest it at the same time he can help other people too. 

According to Chef Boy, at this point of his life, he couldn't ask for more. His main goal is to leave a legacy that money and riches is temporary and that when you help others and shared blessings, that's when people will remember you. He will also build a church in Compostella Valley soon. He added that life is beautiful and the secret to success is simple: be confident,  good luck, courage, hard work, dedication and a strong faith in God.

Chef Boy Logro would like to thank GMA Artist Center, Goldilocks, 7 Flavors and King Cup for making this celebration possible.

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