D' Originals: The Sexy, Comedy-Drama that makes GMA Afternoon Prime even Hotter

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D'Originals is a fun, sexy, comedy-drama series that revolves around the lives of three legal wives, their philandering husbands and mistresses.

Topbilled by 2016 Cannes Best Actress Jaclyn Jose together with LJ Reyes, Kim Domingo, Katrina Halili, Jestoni Alarcon, Mark Herras, Archie Alemania, Meg Imperial and Lovely Abella -- this stellar cast gave life to the series which showcases how far the wives would go to catch their husbands, crush the other women and keep their families as well as their own self respect intact.

 Arny Ross as Precious
Kim Domingo as Sofia Abella

During a set visit for D'Originals, Arny Ross and Kim Domingo narrated how D' Originals gave a whole new meaning to the word "kabit" and what goes on in their lives as well.
Kim Domingo plays the original wife in the series and a  zumba instructor who has become a veteran of husband, Art's numerous affairs. It will be later revealed that Sofia and Art's wedding is a void.

Arny Ross on the other hand is Yvette's (Katrina Halili) best friend who always supports her in her endeavors in life, whether it may be leading to a bad direction.

Both Arny and Kim mentioned that they love D' Originals simply because the cast and crew are all so cool to work with and one of the intense scenes that they consider that are memorable would be the "sabunutan" scenes, but when it comes to real life, both Arny and Kim said that if it ever happened, they will not resort in doing a cat fight in public with their husband or with the other woman but they added, it's a case to case basis as well.

Aside from from the cat fights, the show also trended because of their hilarious lines and showdown between the original wife and the mistress. 

Check out their interview here:

 Jestoni Alarcon as Rolando "Lando" Magpayo - Josie's used-to-be loyal husband businessman who strays when faced with the excitement of an affair at mid-life.

 Gardo Versoza as Greg "Chef Logo" Batumbakal

Mikoy Morales as Tim Magpayo

Elyson de Dios as Darren

The men of D' Originals also shared how important it is to address this matter (the story line) simply because it really happens in real life. According to Jestoni, people got hooked with the D' Originals because some of them can really relate to the story and they religiously watch the show to know how the main cast will solve their issues at home and if love will still prevail in the end. Gardo added that what they portray in the show is far different with their attitude in life. They're all very loyal to their respective partners, Elyson De Dios on the other hand is still single and wants to focus on his career for now.

The purpose of forming "D" Originals", Jestoni added is to be a kind of new comedy drama series of women empowerment, especially based on real life, different stories of infidelity and how men does tricks or lies just to hide their infidelity.

Mikoy and Elyson are a couple in this series and according to Elyson, at first he didn't think he can make it but after knowing that he will be working with Mikoy, he immediately said yes and also wanted to try a challenging role. Mikoy said that he doesn't mind being typecasted on doing gay roles because he knows he is doing it right and it is effective. 

Watch their interview here:

D' Originals is directed by Adolfo Alix Jr. Catch it weekdays via GMA Afternoon Prime after Legally Blind ( which will be replaced by Impostora starting July 3) via GMA Network. 

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