Kiko Estrada on his 22nd Birthday: Focused on Career and No Dating For Now

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Mulawin star Kiko Estrada who plays the role of "Rafael Montenegro" celebrated his 22nd birthday with his beloved fans in a fun and physical activity at Kodanda Archery Range, Eastwood Cyber Mall, Quezon City.

The birthday celebration was hosted by GMA Artist Center talents Arianne Bautista and One Up member Yasser Marta.

Kondanda Archery Range is a new indoor archery range built for beginners and professionals alike who want to have some fun. Located at Eastwood City and other branches in Metro Manila, the new Range caters to guests interested in trying out and 
experiencing a new sport.

The name Kodanda is a Hindu Sanskrit word for "He who has a Bow". It was inspired by Hindu mythology that tells the story of The Great Rama who has a bow named Kodanda.

Fans were able to spend quality time with Kiko doing something worth remembering and at the same time catch up with their favorite Mulawin star. Kiko Estrada thanked his fans for always being there for him through the years, with or without a love team. Most of his fans came from his former love team with Kim Rodriguez then to Barbie Forteza and even now that he is being geared as a matinee star, on his own.

Kiko, who happens to love adventure and trying out new things was in a game face mode on as he tries out Archery, he was first instructed by the staff of Kodanda on the right posture and stance then how to use the bow so that he can target the bulls eye easier.

It was also game time for his fans as they try archery as well, whoever gets the bigger points wins the game. Kiko, on the other hand doesn't look like he was a bit challenged with archery since he did it perfectly whether it may be closer range or far range. In fact, he can very well play the next Alyas Robinhood if ever it will have a Book 2. 

Kiko's 22nd birthday celebration will not be complete without sharing his blessings to others. 

During our interview with Kiko Estrada, he said that he couldn't ask for more on his birthday, he just wishes that his career will continue to prosper so that he can share more his passion with his craft and achieve his bucket list which is to gain more awards in the future, a recognition as an actor is what can make his showbiz career complete.

Last February, he was awarded Outstanding New Best Actor by World Class Excellence Japan Awards for his portrayal in Sinungaling Mong Puso. Certainly, this will not be the last because Kiko kept giving out solid performance in every project he does. One of them was when he did an indie film "Diyos Diyosan" which showcased how he can deliver to any given role. Kiko mentioned how he looks up to his parents as actors specifically his uncle Joko Diaz who is truly an icon in the showbiz industry. 

Kiko added that he wishes to follow his uncle's footsteps on being that intense when it comes to doing roles, small or big roles which is why he is setting his standards high.

Because Kiko wanted to give his 100% with work and acting, by choice, he isn't dating right now. Kiko mentioned that he is in good terms with his past girlfriends and they're actually good friends. 

Kiko added that as he matures, he wants to focus more on his career because he knows people close to him who are working hard to give him amazing projects are counting on him and he wants to return all the hard work they're doing by giving his full concentration with work and acting. Kiko said that if it's the right time, it will happen but for now, he wants to just be great actor. 

But this won't stop Kiko from admiring wonderful women in the showbiz industry. Kiko mentioned that his ultimate crush were Angel Aquino and Alice Dixson who he also wants to work with in the future.

Right now, Kiko is busy with Mulawin VS Ravena where he is working side by side with Dennis Trillo, Bea Binene, Derrick Monasterio and more. They are gearing up for more action scenes that will be aired soon plus a bigger revelation that will happen this coming September that fans shouldn't miss. Kiko will also be doing a movie this year under Regal Films and hopefully, an indie film as well. 

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