Mister Donut Unboxes a New Kind of Fun as they Share FREE Donuts with P2P Riders Plus Launches Mister Donut Brewzees and Wicked Puffs

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Let's face it, for most of the people who commute especially if you're doing it back and forth 5 times a week, it will totally drain you. Waking up early just to fall in line for that long just to get a ride and go to work can be exhausting and can cause you sometimes to be unhappy. 

Mister Donut, the largest and leading Donut brand in the country, unboxed a fun experience for P2P riders last June 23. The route is from Trinoma, Quezon City to Glorietta, 
Makati City.

Mister Donut understands how devoted and hardworking Filipinos are not just here in the country but all over the world which is why as a celebration of delighting the customers for two decades now, Mister Donut unboxed the fun with the P2P riders by giving each of them free donuts, coffee and bottled water! Check out the happy smiles of the commuters after receiving their freebies courtesy of Mister Donut.

The freebies doesn't stop there because Mister Donut also gave them each a coupon of free Ube Cake donut that they can redeem at any Mister Donut branch across Metro Manila.

Mister Donut also gave free donuts, coffee, bottled water and coupons to P2P riders later in the afternoon from Glorietta, Makati City back to Trinoma, Quezon City. It was another momentous event that was simultaneously celebrated as well in Cebu City. Mister Donut will continue to make its customers and every Filipinos with upcoming promos and surprises!

Mister Donut also showcased their latest product at one of their branch in Greenhills by doing a free taste and also giving free donuts to the passers by.

Everyone truly enjoyed Mister Donut's latest addition to their variety of colorful and exciting products that will make eating time more fun. 

The newest beverage "Mister Donut Brewzees" is the perfect complement to donuts and the dine-in meals. "Our brewed coffee is undeniably one of the best there is in the industry. We have capitalized on this and developed a uniquely Mister Donut coffee line that will really appeal to our customers, especially the younger ones with a very dynamic and on-the-go lifestyle," explains Margaret B. Jose, Mister Donut's Marketing Director.

Mister Donut Brewzees comes in three flavors priced at Php 70 in one regular size fit to quench your thirst in a hot humid day or if you just want to sweeten up your day. I love the Mocha Frappe flavor and it's very affordable too.

The "Wicked Puffs"  are wickedly indulgent donut puffs that are freshly fried on the spot and served hot at selected shops with an affordable price of Php 35.00 served in 6 pieces.

You can sprinkle, top, or swirl available sweet and colorful add-ons like hazelnut, strawberries and cream, and Belgian chocolate to this treat to make it more fun and to cater to one's mood or taste. This the first time that Mister Donut will have hot donuts served at their shops because wicked puffs are best eaten when it's hot. 

Mister Donut's all-time favorite Bavarian and Choco Cake Donuts have become bigger in size as well and this is to give the customers more value for their money.

Some of my all-time favorites at Mister Donut are the following and a must-try as well if you haven't dine in at Mister Donut:
 Creamy Carbonara (Php 95)
 All-Day Breakfast - Chicken Tocino (Php 125)
 All-Day Breakfast - Beef Tapa (Php 125)
Mister Donut Clubhouse Sandwich (Php 75)
Milk Tea - Wintermelon (Php 45.00)

Mister Donut has become part of the list of the local favorites for the usual "pasalubong" that you can grab from their terminal or town mall branches, or for a quick afternoon merienda at the dine-in branches. It is already a part of fun, eating habits. So make sure to drop by the branches and unbox the surprises with your friends and the whole family now!

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