Shy Carlos, Sarah Lahbati and Julian Trono in a Horrifying Movie Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz

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If you've watched Seklusyon then you shouldn't miss another film that will surely make most of your nights sleep with lights on and maybe someone beside you.  From the makers of the award winning devil disturbed film "Seklusyon" comes "Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz" directed by Katski Flores, which stars Shy Carlos, Sarah Lahbati and Julian Trono. 

"Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz" is offered by Reality Entertainment, Viva Films and Kamikaze Pictures that evolves around Leah (Shy Carlos) who jumped out of a balcony which was witnessed by a lady cop named Ruth (Sarah Lahbati). The investigation starts on who is to blame with what happen with Leah but the plot thickens when Leah was possessed by an unknown spirit and one by one the people around them were also possessed and some even died in the process. The main question is, “Naniniwala ka ba sa demonyo?” 

Watch the trailer below
The released trailer doesn’t give much about the movie, however, you’ll know the people behind production companies- Reality Entertainment and Kamikazee Pictures, are up to something really horrifying and mind boggling.

Be the first one to watch the latest movie from the makers of Seklusyon, ANG PAGSANIB KAY LEAH DELA CRUZ! Join the UP Film Institute Screening on June 14 7:30 PM at UP Cine Adarna for only PHP 150.

There will be a Q&A with the cast, writer, and director after the screening.

Tickets will be available on June 14, 2017. 
For inquiries, please call the UP Film Institute at 926-2722.

Don't miss Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz showing on June 28 in cinemas nationwide. This is R-13 by the MTRCB.

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