Tutuban Center: The Pinoy Shopping Experience for Affordable and Great Deals

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Divisoria is still the most famous place come June (School opening) season because of the drop-down prices of almost anything that you can think of that you may want to buy for school essentials and more. I know for one since ever since I was a kid, my grandmother would always go to Divisoria to buy her different materials because she's a dressmaker, she also cloth, sippers, buttons and more at Divisoria. I remember her telling me that she also buys her clothes at Tutuban Center because of the great deals they have there which is really true. Fast forward today, Tutuban Center is still one of the malls that offers great deals for all our needs.

I got this chance to be part of a shopping challenge at Tutuban Center and it was really fun. For Php 1000, how many affordable things can I buy at Tutuban Shopping Center? Let's go on a virtual tour around the place and check out my fab and thrifty bargains.

For the "Millenial-Lifestye" Category, we need to buy some of the items in this list:
- School supplies
- Rainy Days mush have
- OOTD items
- Sulit buys

At Tutuban Center, no matter how long your list is, you will surely find what you need at each store. Which is why I accepted the challenge and I also learn how to hold on to my money more and check out different deals that I can score specifically "sulit" deals. 

My first stop is where I bought my School Supplies, since I don't have a kid yet, I will give it to my niece who's will be Grade 5 this school year. 

I bought sticker paper so that I can print the name of my niece on it and post it on her notebooks and books. Php 28.00 each (3 pcs). Then crayons Php 24.00 and Colored pencil Php 29.00 plus pencil case Php 20.00. 

My next stop is where I bought my shoes and bag for OOTD. 

This comfy shoes costs only Php 200. I can wear this in my day job or when I attend events for my blog coverage.

This bag costs Php 300 perfect for my out of town trips and travel commitments when I review hotels/ resorts since it can fit 1 day or two of clothes and some gadgets as well.

Next and final stop is the Rainy Day Must-Have. Most of us always have an umbrella because it is one of the top token given to us Bloggers in events which is why we already crossed it out on our list so I decided to buy something that I can wear during the cold and rainy season. 

I bought a casual cotton jacket 2 pieces Php 100 each. I can also put this on my Sulit Buys list because I got a discount for buying two of the items that costs Php 150 down to Php 100 each if I bought two. 

All in all, my Php 1000 budget came a long way. I bought a lot of things that I really needed and even have a change of Php 130+. I was surprised because here at Tutuban Center, there are so many great finds that are very affordable. You can shop all day and it wost cost you that much too. 

Check out some MALL Details here:

Tutuban Centermall serves as the flagship of Tutuban Center. It is a two-storey shopping mall which is considered the center of activity of the entire Tutuban Center.
Centermall houses specialty shops and branded boutiques, restaurants and fast food chains.

From the latest trends in fashion, accessories, textiles, home furnishings and other goods, Prime Block is definitely where shoppers can find all the “in” items that they are looking for.

Designed for the wholesale/retail-oriented Divisoria businessmen, it houses groups or “clusters” of small 8-12 square meter stalls- another first in Divisoria.

As other malls are calling it a night, Tutuban Center continues to indulge its shoppers with novelty items and merchandise up to 12 midnight 365 days a year. It is a one-of-a-kind night market only Tutuban Center can offer.

After an exhilarating shopping at the night market, Food Street is the next stop. It offers refreshments and a variety of menu that will surely satiate the shoppers’ palate cravings.

TC Shopping Plaza serves as an exciting daytime complement to Tutuban Center's thriving Night Market scene.

Tutuban Mall Exhibit offers unique sales and marketing opportunities by providing vendors with venues to come face-to-face with the highest caliber of qualified visitors with buying influence.

Check out my Virtual Tour at Tutuban Center
Although it has been, and continues to be, imitated by some malls in the metropolis,  Tutuban Center remains to be a vibrant choice. And for some who prefer to shop for great deals especially during the Opening of the School season, this is the perfect place to be for school supplies, bags, shoes and even uniforms. 

This exciting shopping alternative carries a varied array of goodies that can meet any checklist, from toys, novelty items, fun and fashionable accessories to home furnishings, gadgets and gizmos and apparel.

So, experience the shopping haven challenge and find affordable and nice deals here 
at Tutuban Center.

Tutuban Center
Claro M. Recto Avenue corner Dagupan St.
Manila, Philippines
Open from 9:00 a.m. - 12 midnight

For more details:
Twitter: @TutubanCenter
Instagram: @tutubancenter

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