Gabbi Garcia Set to Cover MegaStyle's First Print Issue: Talks about her Career and Ruru Madrid

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To say that Gabbi Garcia is the newest "IT Girl" in town is an understatement. She's every bit of an It Girl from the way she smiles, to her positive outlook, her determination plus her overall looks - Fashion and Makeup wise, she nails it. This may be the reason why she kept getting a lot of endorsements, just recently she was the newest Asia ambassador for hair-care brand Pantene and she even flew all the way to Australia just to shoot the commercial, now, she is set to fly to Nice, France to shoot for lifestyle and
 fashion magazine MEGA.

Gabbi Garcia is one of the cover stars for the magazine's #MakingMega issue, to be published in October. She will also be the first ever cover girl of Mega Style, the online style guide in the Philippines that provides fashion, culture and beauty to inspire women to be the most stylish version of themselves which will be printing it's very first issue.

Editorial Director of Rainier P. Dagala also revealed why they chose Gabbi to be on the cover of the first printed copy of the online brand, “The first printed issue with Gabbi Garcia is a marriage of both Mega and We incorporated the core values of beauty, relevance, sophistication, and grounded dapat sya in fashion because that’s what the magazine really stands for. Kaya si Gabbi ‘yung kinuha since this is a print cover, we want someone who is technologically savvy, someone who knows how to maximize social media to promote herself, to promote her projects, to promote what she stands for as a person. Kaya si Gabbi po ‘yung napili namin.”

With her warm smile, slender figure and her beach-ready skin tone, she is ready to be the cover girl of any magazine but there's more to Gabbi aside from her golden looks. 

She is confident and she projects this aura of being an empowered and independent woman, no wonder there's a wide range of age bracket when it comes to her fans - from kids ever since she portrayed the role of Alena in Encantadia then to teens and millennials because she is one of the trendiest and fashion icons in the showbiz industry (she recently attended the grand opening of Louis Vuitton at Solaire with Nadine Lustre, James Reid and more) plus she's also an advocate in saving the environment specifically the ocean and seas in the country. She is an expert and licensed scuba diver.

Gabbi is indeed an influencer and what more can we expect from a millennial it girl than to cover the very first print issue of MegaStyle. Her potential to go global is what makes her a go-getter, plus it reflects what is all about.

When asked about her photo shoot, Gabbi is beaming with happiness, “To be shot abroad that’s like hitting the jackpot twice ‘cause I love traveling and I love fashion as well. So I’m very much excited. It’s my first time exploring Europe. This is just the beginning definitely,” She added that she feels overwhelmed, but it's a dream come true for her and she feels thankful to everyone who believed in her and she promised that she won't disappoint everyone, in fact she is getting ready for it as well.

Rumors are still circulating that Gabbi and Ruru are not in good terms, this started when fellow GMA Artist Center actre Arra San Agustin's name has been dragged between the two of them, according to Gabbi, she feels happy that Ruru is doing well in his career and that both of them are doing well even though they're not together as a love team all the time, but fans don't have to fear that it's the end for #GabRu because they're still together in
 Sunday PinaSaya.

Gabbi added that there's never an issue between her and Arra San Agustin, they might not be friends because they have different set of friends and groups but they smile or greet one another when they see each other. There's no animosity between the two of them, Gabbi cleared. 

Gabbi also talked about her skin care regimen, she's a certified Belo baby and she is also the newest brand ambassador of Acne Care. Gabbi mentioned that she always makes it a point that her face is clean before she hits the bed, she would removed all her make up and use the right products that will not harm her skin, she added that she won't endorse a product if she doesn't use it or don't believe that it works. With her glowing skin and radiant personality, it's no wonder she keeps getting endorsements.

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