Sunday PinaSaya: Puso ng Saya 2nd Year Anniversary, Monthlong Celebration!

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Sunday PinaSaya, PUSO ng Saya is celebrating their 2nd year anniversary this month and indeed, the variety show has revolutionized what seems to be the traditional variety show we used to watch during noontime specifically every Sunday. They don't just entertain the audience and viewers with lively dance and song numbers but they also make the viewers enjoy every skit they have, more fun and laughter every Sunday thanks to Sunday PinaSaya!

 The episode that was aired last July 23 was as always LIVE. It was a privilege to watch the show on the set and meet the superb cast of Sunday PinaSaya who never failed to make the audience full of energy. It was also my first time to watch it LIVE.

 The moment Ryzza Mae Dizon together Jose Manalo and Wally Bayolo hit the stage, the audience got wild. They welcomed everyone with a warm smile, Pekto was also there together with the Andrei Paras who, as always looks so fresh. He's been busy getting back into shape with Basketball which is his first love before he became an actor.

The moment when #GabRu - Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madird hit the stage, the audience went wild again specifically when Julie Anne San Jose waved at her fans together with the Queen of Comedy Ms. Ai Ai Delas Alas, Gladys Guevarra and That's my bae Kim Last. The first segment of Sunday PinaSaya is KantaSerye: Casa Buslo.

You'll know that the cast are sincerely enjoying each company when you saw them perform live and in your face and from what I saw, they're clearly enjoying this show and everyone's having the time of their life. I believe if you're an actor or a performer, you're lucky to be part of Sunday PinaSaya. 

The next segment of Sunday PinaSaya is one of my favorites. Jose Manalo's version of President Duterte is truly one of his funniest ever. He is like the twin brother of Pres. Duterte and this segment is just for fun so I don't think anyone should take any offense about it as well. Their special guest were Thea Tolentino of Haplos which airs weekdays via GMA Afternoon Prime, Kris Bernal of Impostora weekdays via GMA Afternoon Prime, Ruru Madrid who will be part of the Book 2 of Alyas Robinhood and Gil Cuerva from My Love from the Star weekdays via GMA Telebabad.

Super Tekla was one of the guest as well and he portrays the assistant of Pres. Dugong, as Mocha. Now I understand why Super Tekla is always trending on YouTube and why he has a lot of fans. Most of my Retweets via Twitter were because of Super Tekla. (The hashtag of Sunday PinaSaya that day was #SPSPusongSaya which landed on the 4th spot Philippines Trending that day) Clearly, Super Tekla has gained fans ever since Willie Revillame discovered him and fans were wishing that he will be part of Sunday PinaSaya as well.

The next segment is the Rap Battle hosted by Pambansang Bae Alden Richards and Jerlad Napoles. The battle is between Boobay and Super Tekla. Since it was the first time Super Tekla did a rap segment, Boobay dominated and won. 

For the Pinoy Superstore segment, the stars were Ms. Ai Ai Delas Alas, Joey Paras, Lovely Abella and Valeen Montenegro. The special guest is none other than Ika-6 na Utos star Ms. Angelika Dela Cruz. It was also a segment for Lactum on how to make kids more energetic and healthy by drinking Lactum.

The next segment is where they honor a jeepney driver who has been working as a barker for years just to support his family. They gave him a trophy as well.

The next segment is SayaWit hosted by Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola. This is where Valeen Montenegro, Jerald Napales and Joey Paras will interpret the song using actions while the guests Thea Tolentino and Kris Bernal will guess the title of the song while they have headset and they can't hear the song that was playing. Kris Bernal won this segment.

A special segment of Sunday PinaSaya is Kapuso Milyonaryo and it was presented by Meant To Be star Jak Roberto that day.

The last segment was a song and dance performance by no less than Julie Anne San Jose who sung her own version of "Imagine". She later did an explosive dance number by the industry's top performers when it comes to the dance floor namely Wynwyn Marquez, That's my bae Kenneth Medrano, Rodjun Cruz and Rochelle Pangilinan.

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