Teacher Georcelle launches her book under VRJ Books entitled The Force Within

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Teacher Georcelle believes that there is a lesson to be learned in every experience. From the streets of Tondo to the canals of Amsterdam, Teacher Georcelle recounts the pivotal moments which made her into the woman she is today and the significant lessons she learned which made her the choreographer to the stars.

The Founder and Artistic Director of G-Force, one of the country’s top dance groups, has unleashed The Force Within, her first book. “Because I love to teach, I am sharing with you eight lessons in resilience, patience, passion, professionalism, and grit,” she writes in the book’s Introduction. She adds later on, “Dance isn’t just about moving to the music, it’s a discipline...a commitment…a new way of thinking.” 

During the Grand Presscon of Teacher Georcelle's book "The Force Within - Lessons in Life On and Off Stage, she narrated that there are 8 chapters in this books which is also connected to dancing because 8 is the usual count when doing steps in a choreography. It's always 8 counts. In her book, the 8 Chapters will take you to a better understanding on how Teahcer Georcelle step by step achieved her dreams and it's not an easy journey for her, this is also what she always taught her students that if you wants to be successful specifically in dancing, there's no easy way up but to challenge yourself, discipline yourself and be good in everything you do.

Readers of this book will find numerous anecdotes about how Teacher Georcelle’s love for performing opened up a lot of opportunities for her.   

True enough, her fearless and positive attitude moved her career even further.  In the book, she also talks about how she became the in-house trainer of the artists of ABS-CBN Talent Center.  To this day, she has the full confidence of the network, and her dance group G-Force is able to showcase and impart its dance prowess in shows like ASAP and other major productions of ABS-CBN.  

Teacher Georcelle's passion in dancing started when she was 8 years old when she took summer lessons in Paco, Manila. When she reached 10, she already started her formal training in Jazz and other forms of dance at the Metropolitan Dance Theater. 

She also became a part of the the gymnastic team during high school and her most memorable moment was during a competition when the head of the Philippine Gymnastic Team asked her to be part of the National Team. Her hard work and presence of mind gave finally paid off because she's very determined and at an early age, she has been trained to perform in public. 

At the age of 14, she became part of the Adrenaline Dance Company where she performed at The Sharon Cuneta Show. She was the youngest in the group and it was memorable for her because she was able to work with the Megastar, since then, the rest was history. 

At 16, she had her first big break to choreograph.  She recalls how the task did not go easily at first, but she did not let herself be disheartened.  Instead, she kept welcoming the challenges thrown her way. “By saying yes, I am opening myself to new possibilities and experiences. By saying yes, I am taking the road to growth and improvement.”  

She added that she's been part of the Kapamilya Network for years now but she is also welcoming projects via Eat Bulaga because this is where she also started. 

Teacher Georcelle also shared that among the artists she has worked with, she's is especially close with Sarah Geronimo who did the Foreword of her book. According to her, she is not just a student or a friend, she is part of her family. She described Sarah as a total performer, she can dance and very well showcase her emotions through dancing.

She also admire KC Concepcion because she is very good in contemporary dancing. She also recounted how Maja Salvador as not as good as today when she was just starting but now she can very well take over the dance floor. Anne Curtis is also part of her list when it comes to top female performers/dancers as well as Nadine Lustre who is also part of her White Shirt Love project.

But for Teacher Georcelle, there can be one all in one package, a total performer through the years and that's no other than Pure Energy himself, Gary V.

Learn amazing life lessons from the one and only mentor to the stars, Teacher Georcelle in her book, THE FORCE WITHIN! Now available for only PHP 295 in all National Book Store and Powerbooks Store branches nationwide! GET YOUR COPIES NOW!

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