Bulacan Travel Destination: A Square and El Masfino Hotel and Resort

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Some people are born with wanderlust and spend their lives seeking new experiences. Others plan yearly vacations, enjoy weekend day trips or plan a vacation using your vacation leave to visit a new destination with friends or family to detoxify yourself from too much pollution in the city and stress from work. 

Of course we learn a lot from school and at work, I am a huge advocate of education and all of the benefits it brings, if of course it’s the right path for you to take. Life however isn’t just about classrooms and textbooks.  The places you visit and the people you meet bring growth, adventure and memorable life experience that will give you a huge impact in your life plus it will really make a big difference as well for you to go out and explore the world which is why I always love traveling. Traveling to different places, whether far from home or not is still ideal.

The province of Bulacan can offer you a lot, more than you can expect.  Bulacan prides itself on its rich history. The province figures prominently in Philippine History. Many national heroes and political figures were born in Bulacan. Bulacan also has a lot of tourists spots. Aside from natural attractions and historical destinations and museums, you can also check out Bulacan for resorts and community hubs.

Just an hour away from Manila, there is a community hub that awaits you. A square, the busting community hub in Baliuag Bulacan is set to be the next destination if you are heading up north, a pit stop. A square is home to several merchants that offers delectable cuisine, unique finds and some serious relaxation. 

A buffet is always a good idea when you are with your friends. With just 300 pesos, you can already embark on a gastronomic feast at Hapag! Despite the affordable price tag, they do not scrimp on flavor. 

 Looking for your caffeine fix? Bavarian Coffee Co will surely satisfy your coffee cravings, not to mention it’s a sweet nook where you can lounge around while waiting for your next itinerary. Rosemary’s is also one that you shouldn’t miss out, they serve an array of heartwarming dishes.

Your experience will not be complete without buying something special from some of this community hub’s unique stores. From school supplies, Knickknacks to antique furniture, they have something for everyone! Did I mention that you can score some bikinis for just a hundred pesos? Yes, you can!  What sets A square apart from the shopping malls and your usual hubs is that it is teeming at the sleeves with lush greeneries and soothing ponds that’ll make you forget that you are just an hour away from the polluted streets of Manila. 

Of you running errands, this is also the perfect place to go to. The hub is home to Pag-ibig, philam life and Union bank. If you get tired from waiting in line, you can always get a soothing massage at Ban Kun Thai, have relaxing manis and pedis at Nail Impressions or have your tresses pampered at Creations. 

From the melting pot of fun and food, let me interest you to a trip to this hidden gem in San Rafael Blanca. Tucked in the Northwoods golf area, El Masfino Hotel and Resort is something that you surely would not want to miss. If you are a sucker for some serious vacation but would rather stay away from the crowd, this is the perfect place for you. As it nestled at the heart of the Northwoods property, it will take you about 5 minutes to get to the hotel’s reception area.  

You can now savor the invigorating smell of the freshly cut grass and breathe in the clean sweet air as you head to your luxurious respite. 

The resort is tagged as “your quick getaway up north.” It’s not hard to see why. You can peacefully lounge at the beautiful lobby of the hotel. 

El Masfino Hotel and Resort offers a calming vibe with a scenic view from your room and wonderful interiors from the lobby to the respective rooms. They have clean and quaint rooms perfect for the whole family or for group of friends or newly weds. The beds are very comfortable that you wouldn't want to get up any more once you try it.

The amenities of the hotel will keep you busy all day. You will not be stuck at your room all day because there are a lot of activities you can try at El Masfino Hotel and Resort aside from relaxing and enjoying the scenic view.

The wave pool is one of the highlight of the resort. Just be mindful that you have to be in the proper swimming attire. The resort has an array of quaint and green nooks where you can just lounge by and awe at the splendid view,if you have children with you, they will definitely love the big playground that the hotel has. This exclusive resort is also perfect for team building activities. Equipped with challenging obstacle courses, bike lanes and even dune buggy rides, you won’t ever get bored. You can also ask the hotel to take you to a tour around the property. If you are up to it, you can even play a game of golf or two.

El Masfino Hotel and Resort will surely be one of your top destination when it comes to your dream vacation whether it may be summer time or not.

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