It's official: James Reid will star as the new Pedro Penduko

6:31:00 PM

In their effort to offer audience a new and exciting challenge for James Reid, Epik Studios and Viva films launch a completely fresh take on the Pedro Penduko franchise. 

Mostly based on the freshly minted Comic Book which made its world debut in the New York Comic Con, where most Superhero franchise are launched, it promises to be an action-packed adventure superhero movie that will fit the character of James. 

“Im excited to do this” said James. “I always wanted to be a superhero and if you read the comic book, it’s really a new approach from the original movies. I like it!," added James.

Another revelation here from James is that Nadine will also be part of the film. 

Both fans and the international community in attendance of the biggest entertainment event in history, the “HistoryCon 2017”, got the first crack of this exclusive. The crowd was jam-packed and people were rushing to the stage with their copies of the book. 

The movie will start filming by end of the year 2017, and with all the post production work, it will premiere sometime in 2018.

Pedro Penduko: The Legend Begins is now available at all National Bookstore Outlets Nationwide. It is produced by Epik Studios and published by VRJ books.

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