Nabubulok: Gala Premiere Photos and Film Review

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The most awaited gala night of Full-Length Films of Cinemalaya 2017 happened last August 5 at CCP Main Theatre. One of the films is Nabubulok which is directed by Sonny Calvento. This is his first time to direct a film and according to him, this is the best challenge for him, to showcase his directorial capabilities at one of the most prestigious film festivals in the country - CINEMALAYA.

 Nabubulok started when Ingrid (Gina Alajar) learned that his cousin Luna was missing. Luna is the wife of Jason, An American played by Billy Ray Gallion of the US Series "Lost". They have three children and one of them is Paul played by Jameson Blake. Suspicions arise when the Harper family have been acting mysteriously specifically Jason, the head of the family. Rommel played by JC Santos helped Ingrid in finding the truth about what happened to Luna as the story progresses. 

What happened to Luna? What will happen to the people who wanted to know the truth behind Luna? Solve the mystery by watching #Nabubulok.

 JC Santos 
 Gina Alajar and Lito Pimentel
Jameson Blake 
Billy Ray Gallion

There are notable performances in this movie and let me just praise Direk Sonny Calvento for doing a remarkable job as a first timer in filming a crime-suspense movie. He really takes after his father Mr. Tony Calvento. I felt like I was watching "Calvento Files", a true to life program back in the 90's. Nabubulok was based on a true story about a family of seven, an American husband and his Filipino wife in Antique. The film, as expected, build that feeling of wanting to know what really happened to Luna. 

JC Santos gave his best performance for this film, he can very well do a thriller-action type of movie, most people would praise him for doing romance type of project but with this movie, it's a different kind of JC Santos. Billy Ray Gallion portrayed a baddass husband, he is apparently the key to what really happened to Luna. Gina Alajar, as always will bring flair and fierceness to every scene without any effort. She can do drama and then once scene can be comical without any intention of making it one because of her lines and facial expression. A well played actor can turn one  simple scene into a big one because of her/his performance and Gina Alajar can do all of this in one single act. She always makes a mark in every project that she does. 

The supporting cast are all well-played as well including Jameson Blake who did something really different compared to his last Cinemalaya film and a newcomer that we should all look forward in the showbiz industry -Ella Yu. She is the wife of JC Santos in the movie. Although she doesn't have much exposure in the film, her scenes were notable and also the key in solving the story behind Luna. 

Present during the Gala Premiere were the cast together with Direk Sonny Calvento's mentor, his father Mr. Tony Calvento and Mr. Ricky Lee who Direk Sonny looks up to.
Gina Alajar, JC Santos and Ella Yu
 Ella Yu
 JC Santos
 Direk Sonny Calvento
 JC Santos and Ella Yu
Mr. Tony Calvento and Dorek Sonny Calvento 
Direk Sonny Calvento, Gina Alajar and Mr. Tony Calvento 
Mr. Ricky Lee and Direk Sonny Calvento

Watch as Direk Sonny Calvento thanks those who supported and will support the film "Nabubulok"

It was indeed a jampacked gala night for NABUBULOK. The crowd loved what they saw, judging from their reactions while watching the film. Congrats to the whole cast, crew and to Direk Sonny Calvento for a successful gala premiere of Nabubulok. Cinemalaya is indeed a celebration of quality films that we, Filipinos should all support and be proud of. 

Watch the trailer of Nabubulok:

Cast: Gina Alajar, Billy Ray Gallion, JC Santos, and Jameson Blake, with Elaine Yu, Lito Pimentel, Jerom Canlas, Sue Prado, Krystal Mejes, Dannah Cardoza, Jojo Riguerra, Paolo Rodriguez, Raul Morit.
Director: Sonny Calvento

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