Casa Quesadilla: Food Panda Maginhawa Food Crawl

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Love Mexican Food? then you're in for a treat because Casa Quesadilla is here to save the day!Casa Quesadilla is smacked in the heart of Quezon City, it is a little Mexican House that offers big taste of Mexican food.

Casa Quesadilla is our second stop for the Foodpanda Maginhawa  Food Crwal where Bloggers get the chance to take an amazing food journey of different delectable dishes at Maginhawa street where food haven is located.

Like what I said in my previous post, it was my first time  at Maginhawa street and I was really amazed at how many diners and restaurants are located here in this neighborhood, so many to choose from!Different specialties and definitely a food trip for the whole family or your barkada.

With so many Mexican dishes to choose from, Casa Qeuesadilla knows what will make your mouth water and we're super happy to try them all.

Dynamite Beef Rolls Php 99.00 (5pcs)

I'm not really into spicy food but when I tried this one, I got used to the taste.
It's an explosion of meat and a bit of spicy goodness rolled into one. You might as well dip it that ketchup.
Ultimate Nachos Php 130.00

This ultimate nachos is good for sharing. Everyone will surely enjoying eating this while chatting with your friends. The dip is also perfect.
Spinach & Chicken Quesadilla Php 130

This is my ultimate favorite! I love anything with cheese but this one is just perfect. 
Generous amount of cheese and chicken.
Mexican Beef Burrito Php 130

A Mexican food trip will not be complete without a Burrito! This is one dish that will totally make you Burp!
Beef Yakiniku Quesadilla Php 140

A Quesadilla with a twist of Japanese in it. Beef in a pita bread, very promising right? 
Mexican Beef Quesadilla Php 110

Another Quesadilla favorite simply because the taste is just distinct. You can also dip it in home made salsa or white sauce, whichever you prefer. 
Chicken Burrito Php 120

This is another tummy filling dish perfect for your palette. 
Casa Quesadilla have this quaint Mexican ambiance in their resto which is really a must, I'm glad they pulled that nicely even though they have a small area, they are always jam packed with loyal customers because they offer that authentic Mexican food which is really budget friendly.

So if you're looking for that Mexican food then visit Casa Quesadilla because you're definitely in for a Mexican treat!

Special thanks to Foodpanda for inviting us this wonderful Foodpanda Maginhawa Food Crawl. This is our second stop, check out the other resto we visited on my next post!
We also visited Katz Diner and here is my blog post about it:

Casa Quesadilla is one of the delectable restaurants that is part Foodpanda's market where you can order online and just wait for your food to be delivered.

Foodpanda is a powerful tool nowadays where you can order online and have your favorite dish from that resto you chose delivered right at your doorstep. This is just perfect for those who are busy or just in time for the holiday season!

Casa Quesadilla
176 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City, Quezon City
You can order at Casa Quesadilla via Food Panda through this link:

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