Homies: Pinoy Home Style Fried Chicken at Food Panda Maginhawa Food Crawl

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Now back to Maginhawa Street where Food Haven is all about! Le't get it on with home style cookin' at Homies. 

Most of the resto and diners along Maginhawa street are not that big, just enough for a few people to eat and chat then voila! give some space to others, which is why some maximize their space into something more unique. I super love the graffiti art of Homies, it will make you feel welcome that instantly.
Now the ambiance inside is like eating at your very own dining area or at your kitchen. 
The setting will make you miss your family while eating if you're not with them. Just the same since they have a high ceiling, even though the place is jam packed with people, you will not feel that hot inside.

Now let's check out the chicken that we all love to eat!
Whole Homies Chicken Php 300.00

Fried Chicken is my ultimate favorite and every time I order it, I always want to make sure that it is tender and juicy. This one didn't fail me. This Homies chicken is one of their menu that will totally give comfort and smile to your face. The skin is crunchy as well which is what I usually take note of.

You can also order half, quarter with unli rice or quarter with one rice, which ever suits your tummyu that day but I will definitely go for unli rice because believe me, this this is just delicious!

Lumpia Php 40.00 each Pack of 6 Php 220.00

Other than chicken, they also offer different dishes on their menu like Lumpia which is really crispy and tasty, don't forget the vinegar!

Menudo Php 150.00

Another safe one to order is Menudo, as colorful as it looks, it also tastes good.
Pinoy food will not be complete without menudo right?

Chicken Teriyaki Php 135.00

I'm not really fond of any food cooked in Teriyaki style but this one is quite good, a little salty on the side but worth trying though if you're had enough of simple fried chicken.

Meatball Spaghetti Php 150.00

Just the right combination of sweetness in a pasta that I really love. I always go for Pinoy style spaghetti. The noodles are not soggy and right amount of sauce and toppings to it. Kids will surely love this one.

Chili Hotdog Php 90.00

The Chili Hotdog that comes with fries when served is perfect for merienda.
You will surely enjoy this paired with super cold soda on the side. 

All in all, our food trip at Homies is one of my favorite simply because the food is really great. For chicken lovers out there, I really recommend Homies, I hope they get more visitors because trust me, you will surely enjoy their homegrown dishes.

Special thanks to Foodpanda for inviting us this wonderful Foodpanda Maginhawa Food Crawl. This is our third stop, check out the other resto we visited on my next post!
We also visited Katz Diner and here is my blog post about it:

Casa Quesadilla:

Homies is one of the delectable restaurants that is part Foodpanda's market where you can order online and just wait for your food to be delivered.

Foodpanda is a powerful tool nowadays where you can order online and have your favorite dish from that resto you chose delivered right at your doorstep. This is just perfect for those who are busy or just in time for the holiday season!

51C Magiting Street, Teachers Village, East Diliman
Quezon City

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