PLDT Cyberya: The Ultimate Cyberya Experience

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Photo: Do you want to know more about Gracee? You can check out her blog, My So-Called Life (, or know her thoughts in this mini Q&A: What’s the subject of your blog?- The niche of my blog started as a personal blog but right now I am more focused on lifestyle and entertainment. What made you interested in starting a Cyberya minigosyo?- It will be a great opportunity to start up a business that is less hassle and not time consuming and will help me save money for future investments. If you win the Cyberya Bloggers Challenge, what will be your next plan? - I want to save more and if my MINIGOSYO goes well, I want to expand it so that I can have more units in the future.
I am the type of person who usually doesn't take no for an answer. I have experienced a lot of struggles in my life as well but that doesn't stop me to achieve my goals and aspirations in life. There has to be a meaning with this amazing gift God gave us, our Life. 
Which is why I take everyday as a blessing and even more so this wonderful experience I am having right now with PLDT Cyberya.

Ever since I became part of the Cyberya Bloggers Challenge, I can now say that I am step closer to becoming a mature entrepreneur. 
My goal is: "Challenge accepted!" 
and as I go on with the Blogger's Challenge, I also want my readers to take a chance and experience a mini negosyo that is easy and will fully help you earn more without any hassle.

Photo: It’s easy to earn and easy to start a Cyberya minigosyo. Do you want to know how?

Cyberya is KaAsenso’s offering for entrepreneurial Pinoys looking to start their own minigosyo or earn more by providing an internet-rental service, which will allow their customers to surf the internet for as low as P1.

Photo: How do you earn extra with Cyberya?
Just check out this simple formula!

Apply for your own unit now at
HIGH-profit, LOW-maintenance minigosyo
COMPLETE package with Broadband and PC
Helps provide EXTRA INCOME to current minigosyos, and to help aspiring minigosyantes to jump start their minigosyo.

Now, let's check out what my customers have to say with their experience via PLDT Cyberya. Thank you for being patient on answering my question even though you are renting the unit that time! :) 

For them, it was as easy as 1-2-3. Renting in an internet Cafe has never been this easy thanks to PLDT KaAsenso's Cyberya. With just P1.00 they can now surf the internet with their own budget money and time. You can do so many things with Piso. Who say's "wala ng mararating ang piso ngayon?" withCyberya, your PISO will go a long way indeed, not only for YOU but also for your customers. :)

Be part of my challenge as it unfolds every week for 2 months! :)
You might win exciting prizes, so be updated with our weekly challenges and who knows, you might get lucky :) Vote for me as your favorite Cyberya Blogger and you might win a Cyberya of your own! :-) 

Want to know more how to start your very own PLDT Cyberya Mini Negosyo? 
Check out my blog posts about it below:

Be an Mini-Negosyante with PLDT Cyberya!

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