The Sweet Treats of PLDT CYBERYA

9:38:00 AM

It's been weeks since we started with the Cyberya Bloggers Challenge and time really passes by swiftly especially if you're enjoying your time and I must say I have been enjoying the earning of our Cyberya unit. At first I did had a hard time because I still don't know how to handle my own business and I am not really a "techy" person but as days pass by, since Cyberya is not really a complicated mini negosyo, I got the hang of it. 

At first, people in our neighborhood are a bit hesitant to try Cyberya or the PISO NET kind of surfing the net because they are used with renting in computer shops that offer 1 hour, half hour or open time kind of renting but when they can't contain their curiosity anymore, 1 by 1 they tried it and the rest is history!

Cyberya is KaAsenso’s offering for entrepreneurial Pinoys looking to start their own minigosyo or earn more by providing an internet-rental service, which will allow their customers to surf the internet for as low as P1.
Photo: How do you earn extra with Cyberya?Just check out this simple formula!Apply for your own unit now at
HIGH-profit, LOW-maintenance minigosyo
COMPLETE package with Broadband and PC
Helps provide EXTRA INCOME to current minigosyos, and to help aspiring minigosyantes to jump start their minigosyo.

Check out how my customers enjoyed Cyberya! and because of my mini negosyo, I can now earn, save and invest on different things but because this is the first time that I really had a hands on experience on mini negosyo like Cyberya, I feel really blessed and wanted to share my blessings to the people I love the most and has given me the inspiration to strive hard: My family :-)

With my PLDT Cyberya earnings, I rewarded not only myself but also my family. 

We ate at one of our favorite restaurants which is Max's Restaurant and we also watched Sarah & Coco Movie which is Maybe This Time :) 

It may be a simple reward but I treasure this moment with my family because I am with my family and get to spend more time with them. Special thanks to Cyberya for giving me extra money to splurge on my love ones!

With Cyberya, owning your very own business is as easy as 1-2-3!
Be part of my challenge as it unfolds every week for 2 months! :)
You might win exciting prizes, so be updated with our weekly challenges and who knows, you might get lucky :) Vote for me as your favorite Cyberya Blogger and you might win a Cyberya of your own! :-) 

Want to know more how to start your very own PLDT Cyberya Mini Negosyo? 
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